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Could Big Pharma Be Behind The 2020 Election Rigging? Tucker Carlson May Have Inadvertently Hit On The Main Reason For The Democrats Otherwise Inexplicable Election Victories!

Tucker Carlson hits on something big HERE! He doesn’t tie it into rigging, but this writer does! SSRI’s or psychotropic drugs lead to violence, and almost all mass shootings include a shooter on those drugs. What a great way to pander to the Democrats gun grabbing agenda. Two birds with one stone anybody? Big Pharma […]

How Does A “Rigged” Game Look?

A Rigged Game By: Judd Garrett July 24, 2022 The more I watch the January 6 hearings, the more I’m convinced that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen. It is evident these hearings are primarily about preventing Donald Trump from running for President again. But why would the Democrats go to this extreme to prevent […]