Daily Archives: July 2, 2022

Pfizer’s #1 Whistle Blower Dr. Michael Yeadon, Former Pfizer V.P. & “Chief Scientist” In Charge Of Research & Development! Better See What He Has To Say!

Pfizer’s ex-V.P. in charge of science and research and development for vaccines and COVID 19 treatments is now a whistle blower exposing Pfizer’s criminal behavior and agenda HERE. Remember, the big pharma companies have been fined billions of dollars by the U.S. government for felonious (criminal) behavior. Possible good news on vaccine front HERE. More […]

Ample Evidence “Conspiracy Theory” Is A CIA Term Used To Discredit Anyone Who Disagrees With The “Official” Narrative!

“Conspiracy Theory” – the term’s history exposed HERE. Did you know, just to name two, that National Review‘s William F. Buckley Jr. and CNN‘s Anderson Cooper are, or have been, CIA operatives? Here’s the current conspiracy that the “theorists” aren’t supposed to talk about HERE! Fake “Fact Checking” HERE. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – […]