Pithy Sayings To Consider & What “Public Opinion” Might Have To Say About Things!

Thinking – Inside or Outside The Box?

Fighting to save democracy (really?) What is democracy? Mob rule!

Christians are a bunch of bigots! In a literal sense, that is true. A bigot is someone with strongly held convictions. In the eyes of the Satanically inspired left, the only strongly held convictions that will not label you as a bigot, are those that agree with their bigotry!

Think for yourself! Good idea! Unfortunately, government schools, misnamed “public schools”, teach students what to think and not how to think. The failed results should be obvious – if you’re able to think for yourself!

That’s not fair! (really?) What is fair? A weather report? No, it’s a Socialist concept of equanimity. Socialist want everyone to have the same amount of wealth and possessions. Because some people have been given more talent than others is “not fair”. Even more unfair is a responsible, frugal and sacrificial parent who saves money to pass on to their children while someone else’s parents were self-indulgent spendthrifts who left their children in debt and broke. (Wait, does that sound like the U.S. government?)

Doing what’s best! (really?) Whose “best”? Regardless of right and wrong? Who benefits?

A minority of one! (Very lonely – even if you’re right; nonetheless still right)

There is no absolute truth! (really?) Isn’t that an absolute? If there is no absolute truth – then there’s no absolute lies! Is that the blind leading the blind?

My body my choice. (really?) Does that apply to anything other than abortion? What about the product of abortion? Is that a piece of tissue, a fetus (Latin for small child), or maybe it’s the fruit of sinful behavior and thinking?

We must be “green”! (really?) Green like U.S. dollar green making certain people very wealthy because they have entered into the establishment’s green business agenda? Using 300 pounds of rare earth minerals to manufacture every windmill? Making solar panels out of glass that is the most energy intensive product to manufacture on the planet using more heat than solar panels will ever generate?

People have to be free! What is “free” today – is it licentiousness? Is it free from moral constraints and restraints?

Majority rules! Yes, the majority ruled in NAZI Germany and Soviet Russia – good idea? (What is a “majority”? Is it within a small group?)

We must have democratic elections! Oh yeah? Is that only when a certain party wins, and otherwise it’s not relevant?

That’s settled law! (really?) If so, what happens when a law is passed for which the left is in disagreement? They don’t want to obey, and they riot in the street, murder people and call for the abolition of the Supreme Court and the police.

Make the world safe for democracy! (really?) Does that mean that a majority of corporations agree on how things will be run, and the politicians they’ve bought obey?

The most powerful man in the world! (really?) This is typically a reference to the President of the United States. But, who does he work for? (Certainly not the American people who theoretically elected him).

The great right wing conspiracy! Hillary Clinton as a U.S. Presidential candidate made this accusation, but in her eyes, there are no left wing conspirators. How convenient is that?

Domestic terrorists! January 6th protesters are the most obvious group, but not limited to just that but including Christians, conservatives, Constitutionalists, proponents of political freedom and the Bill of Rights. Excluded are anarchistic, violent, property destroying arsonists and murderers who are part of Antifa and BLM.

Are you woke? Well, I’m awake, and conscious, but I have a serious deficiency; I have a mind of my own, and am able to think and reason for myself. (No need for TV to tell me what to think)

We need more money for public schools! (really?) Public schools are technically government schools, and the government will never teach you what they don’t want you to know. Private and parochial schools operate on about 80% less money and produce people who can actually read, write, add, subtract, multiply and divide (not to be confused with the political division the left pushes.)

You’re a racist! (really?) Whatever you say; who can argue with an undefined, undocumented false allegation.

“Public opinion says….” Yes, and that may be true, but how valuable is “public opinion” – especially if the surveyed public is a select group, or the question asked in the survey is rigged to achieve a certain answer?

TV News. When does propaganda become newsworthy?

Representative government. Only problem is who they represent, and it’s not the voters.

There are of course many other sayings that get used daily as part of the American lexicon.


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