Living In Denial Of Reality?

Is reality “inside the box” or “outside the box”? First of all, lets define the box. The box has extreme limits on that to which we are exposed, and by political fiat, that to which we are exposed is controlled by certain interests who do not necessarily want anyone thinking outside the box. Now, we need to define “interests”. Interests can be defined as that subject matter that captures the attention and desires of people. So, who are the interests who would not want you thinking outside the box? Well, duh, it’s people in power! Now, we need to define who people in power are. They are those who seek to control the lives of others. O.K., so how do they “control”? They control through government – duh, bet you saw that coming! Behind the government is the billionaire boy’s club of Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg, Buffet et. al.

Now, what are the necessary ingredients by which government can and does control people? Here’s where things start to get a little muddy, especially for those who have been enjoying being controlled for a long period of time (see the sheep in the box above). The vehicles for this control start out relatively benign with a great sales pitch from some really “reputable” people! Uh oh, now we need to define “reputable”. Within that term, there are the legitimate and the illegitimate. The illegitimate lurk amongst the legitimate so as to be acceptable to everyone. They are for all intents and purposes subversive infiltrators. They want to control thought, action and property through various government agencies like the DOE, FCC and others – many others. Think about that for just a minute.

To be reputable, one must have integrity, character and credibility. Credibility generally follows the establishment of integrity and character. Therefore, let’s define those two words. Integrity is walking the talk and talking the walk. There is no acceptable hypocrisy with integrity. Character applies to those who are trustworthy, reliable and of high moral standards which have a long history in society of being what is both best and good for society. When a person establishes over time that they possess these two qualities, then they will have established their credibility.

But what if some people seek to take a short cut to establish credibility? What if some of those people are endorsed by fellow “short cutters” in sufficient numbers to move them along more quickly? What if they all share the same agenda, and are working together towards a common, but not clearly articulated, goal? Does this happen in the political arena? Well, duh – what do you think?

So, how does all of this relate to reality? Now, we need to define “reality”. This one is tricky. Reality is the evidence of a complete unadulterated truth in any sphere of life. Within that context, there is a material and spiritual form of truth. For example, there is the truth of gravity in which anything you drop that has a mass, no matter how small or light, will fall to the surface below where you drop it (or, in the case of something light like a feather or dust, it may travel in the wind for a while before landing). That is an example of a material truth. A spiritual truth is something you can appreciate personally, but you may not always be able to share or transmit that truth to others. An example of a spiritual truth would be a person who is “born again” of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD. You can’t touch that, so it is not material, even though it is a very real and tangible truth to the individual experiencing it.

Most everyone has heard Pontius Pilot’s rhetorical question to Jesus Christ; “What is truth?” To define “truth”, one must be prepared to get philosophical. There are those who would say; “That’s your truth, but it’s not my truth.”. For those people, there is no universal, immutable truth, and therefore, they embrace, and/or create chaos. Then there are those who are still in the dark, but sense there is some element in life that possesses truth. Those people are pushed around by the winds of change and chaos. Finally, there are those who believe the word of God in the Christian-Judeo Bible to be the basis for all truth, and man’s reason cannot be the basis for any truth let alone ultimate truth.

The debate between truth and lie is fierce in America today. The survival of our nation depends upon how truth is established and understood. It is time to think outside the establishment box in which most Americans have been placed! That’s not only reality; it’s the bottom line.


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