Daily Archives: June 22, 2022

Backwards, Upside Down, Inside Out!

Terrorism by the left is o.k. HERE. Want to get right with the establishment? Keep in mind the following: 1.) Normal is now abnormal 2.) Sane is now insane. 3.) Love is hate. 4.) Truth is lie. 5.) Equal is unequal 6.) Smart is dumb 7.) Science is ignorance. 8.) Informed is uninformed. 9.) Tolerance […]

Get Educated About “Gun Violence”!

The other day, a friend was shopping in a store when a gun jumped out from behind a counter and shot him. NOT! Guns are inanimate objects, and therefore can do nothing by themselves. They require a human being to manipulate them so that they will function as the way they were designed. Don’t let […]