Will The Government Save You?

Jesus Saves – Government Enslaves!

Picture if you will a cart being pulled up hill by one man who is sweating and struggling to get to the top. In the cart is a load of hay. On top of the load of hay are three men riding. One of the men is laying back on one elbow chewing on a blade of straw and musing to himself “What if everyone wanted a ride?”

How many people are relying upon the government for their daily bread? It’s a lot you can be sure. At least 6% of the American workforce works for the Federal government HERE. State and local governments employ another 11% HERE for a total of 17% of the U.S. workforce is employed by government. That’s almost 1 in 5 people working for the government. For that, we should have the red carpet rolled out every time we go into a government office. If we sneeze, we should hear several “geshundeits” coming from our “servants” in government. We should be so catered to that we don’t have to lift a finger. Such is not the case! Instead, to support the government behemoth, we must work nearly 6 months out of the year to cover that cost. On top of that, roughly 120 million people get Social Security checks HERE. That’s about 33% of the population added to the 17% comes up to 50% so far, but wait, there’s the people on unemployment too HERE! That amounts to another 6.3% which is based only upon those who are actively seeking work, and many are not doing that. So, we have roughly 56% of the American population feeding off of the government, or being unproductive. I am not including those on welfare because there is no way I can think of to distinguish them from the ranks of the unemployed.

In the meantime, the bureaucrats in these numerous government entities are constantly cooking up new, absurd and unworkable laws and regulations to control our lives and add to the expense. The above 17% may well not include many companies that rely directly and/or indirectly upon government for their products and services. Gas stations, convenience stores, utility companies and various retailers and distributors may also be reliant upon government for a sizeable portion of their revenues. When the government runs a little low on funds, and before they do anything else like cut employees, they either print money, borrow money, or tax the citizens more money. Governments and their bureaucratic employees are well insulated from economic downturns. They have the aforementioned options that don’t exist for the civilian population and businesses.

When the bottom falls out of the economy, who will save the people who lose their jobs, their homes, their automobiles, their boats their credit card debts etc..? God deals in two arenas – His laws that He has laid down for all eternity and all people, and his supernatural interventions. God will not intervene in people’s debts and foolishness. This will put the burden upon the state (government), and they will not be able to help! For those who obey God’s laws, they will not have unmanageable debt, nor will they pursue needless material possessions. Those people will be minimally impacted (personally), and their salvation comes from the completed work on the cross of Jesus Christ.

The distinction here is that there are two kinds of salvation – temporal and eternal, material and spiritual. The sate promises to save you with a “safety net”, but that is a lie to suck you into the vortex of debt and slavery to a Satanic master. The state tells you that you too can be like God knowing good and evil. You can choose to abort your baby because you lustfully chose to have sex and now that you’re pregnant, you don’t want to give up any material pleasures to take care of your sinful behavior. Or maybe you bought a fancy sports car and a SUV to tow your boat and haul all of your new fishing gear. The debt cannot be paid, and the lender comes to reclaim his property.

The first exhortation from Jesus, Peter and Paul was to repent, and believe upon Jesus Christ for your salvation. That is a Biblical and good admonition. The only problem is that you can’t do it in all sincerity unless the HOLY SPIRIT works in your life to bring your to that “born again” status which means you’ve had a change of heart. Consider it!


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