The Current State Of The Union From A Common Person’s Perspective! (Too Long To Read For A Public School Student – Nothing To See Here – Just Move Along)

George Carlin – Stand Up Comedian & Political Commentator (Probably Assassinated)

Where to start? The attacks on America are coming fast and furious now, but there was a time when America was a stable society where rioting in the streets was basically unheard of with very rare exception; censorship was basically unheard of with rare exception; abortion was illegal in all 50 states as was homosexuality and pedophilia. A man could support his family while the wife stayed home and took care of the house, kids and dog if one was present. The average family had no debt save for a mortgage on a home. Credit cards didn’t exist, and people paid cash for their automobiles. Kids learned the three R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) in school. Children were respectful of and obedient to authority – parents, grandparents, teachers and law enforcement. Political correctness was an unheard of term.

My how things have changed in the last 70 years. Buying a home in the 50’s required a 20% downpayment. Now, you can borrow 98%, or sometimes more on a home. You can even get what is termed an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage). ARM’s sank the real estate market in 2008, and will likely do it again in the not too distant future. ARM’s give people the incentive to borrow over their heads with the idea that their payments will always remain the same. No, sorry to say that interests rates (cost of money) goes up and down just like any other pricing. Unlike the 50’s people have credit card debt which they cannot get out from under.

Additionally, people have automobile loans (which are being defaulted on in greater numbers now). The majority of Americans today are living paycheck to paycheck and saving nothing. Inflation is the inspiration for saving nothing. If your purchasing power is constantly declining because the central bank is flooding the economy with more dollars and credit chasing after the same amount of goods and services, then what can you expect. Half the people in America cannot come up with $400 in cash without borrowing it! $400 won’t fill up a trucker’s diesel tank these days, and if gas goes to $15 a gallon as some suggest, A 20 gallon fill-up will run $300! What will happen to these people?

Meanwhile, the government is allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter our country without documenting, let alone vetting them. How may are hostile to America’s ways and culture? How many may actually be here to make war on Americans? The Federal Government is giving these people free money, housing, schooling, medical services, cell phones etc. Americans don’t get treated that nicely. (Read Deuteronomy 28 in the Bible to see what’s coming to America.)

Our children are no longer taught the three R’s in school, but instead are taught Socialism, hate the Bible and Christianity, love the state, how to pursue personal gratification, sexual perversion and see everyone in terms of race and racism. So, as the prospective employer queried, “what are your qualifications for this job?” The applicant’s response; “What kind of racist question is that, you must be homophobic; some kind of religious fanatic!” The Prospective employers response; “Well, I think we have just the place for you; we’ll put you in charge of customer relations with a big fat salary, a front office and lots of benefits!”

Proverbs 22:7 says the the rich rule over the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender. This writer has tried to stay out of debt, but it is impossible, because our government at every level from municipal to county to state to Federal has indebted us with bonds (debt). Yes, every time you vote for a bond issue, you are indebting yourself and your neighbor whether he likes it or not. One of the biggest and most frequent consumers of debt is the “public” school system. Of course with all they are spending, the kids are no smarter, wiser or better informed – only better indoctrinated to statist ideology.

Political correctness has come out of our current age, and with a vengeance that is almost impossible to comprehend. It has destroyed lives, careers, families, institutions etc. Just how “correct” is political correctness? If you’re employed by the government, living on government subsidies, or pursuing leftist totalitarian ideologies, it is absolutely and 100% correct – except when you disagree with it. For those who still have a mind, and they can think for themselves, it is a disaster and as incorrect as one could imagine if they had half a brain and opened their eyes for just a few minutes every day.

And, what about respect for authority? Oh, the left wants to defund the police which is the authority on the street that helps keep civilized society somewhat ordered and peaceful. At least at one time, they were called “PEACE OFFICERS”! Now, rioters throw bricks, bottles of urine, and bags of feces at them and curse them with vitriol that would make a Marine drill sergeant blush. Teachers in schools fear for their lives and fail to exercise much if any discipline on their students. Parents have lost control of their children – particularly if they put them in “public” (a misnomer, for it would serve the public if that were true) schools. College campuses are even worse because what little authority parents exercised over their children is completely removed once the kids go to college. In colleges today, anything goes, and grading is one of the things that’s going – going away!

This writer could go on and on, but will finish with this one thought – the bottom line so to speak. If there is not respect for the ultimate authority which is the God of the Bible, then any authority down the line will ultimately fail as well. America needs a new three R’s – Repentance, Revival and Reformation. Without it, we will sink into the abyss – the dust bin of history – bye bye!


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