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Major General Higginbotham On Kamala Harris’ Background.

The History of Kamala Harris For your knowledge and interest about the Biden VP.  Here is a timely editorial that exposes the hidden background of Kamala Harris from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to […]

Time Magazine Columnist Brags About The “Conspiracy” That Brought Trump Down & She Was Part Of It!!!

Time Magazine admits “conspiracy” and participation in it to bring down Trump HERE. More: The Vast Anti-Trump ‘Conspiracy’ Time magazine reports there was ‘practically a revolution’ in America’s voting process in 2020. Was it good for the country—or just for Biden? By  James FreemanFeb. 8, 2021 2:50 pm ET  SAVE  PRINT  TEXT  1,039 President Donald Trump […]