Daily Archives: February 1, 2021

What’s The Difference Between Values & Virtues? A Lot!!!

We hear constantly the drum beat of “shared values”, and our nation’s “values”, and common “values” etc. Value means to hold something dear. It means to consider something important. Most people value their homes, their cars, their money, their ideology maybe – it all depends. There was a time in America and throughout the western […]

Get Ready For A False Flag Event!!!

For those unfamiliar with the term, a false flag is a trick pirates used to deceive the pilot/captain of another ship to come within striking distance at which time the pirates would strike the unsuspecting ship’s captain who at that point was at such a disadvantage that he was unable to defend against the attack. […]

3 Minute Interview With A Much Younger Donald Trump – His View On Loyalty.

Did Trump live up to his loyalty philosophy, or not HERE! This writer found Trump to be the most enigmatic President in this writer’s lifetime. He’s still an enigma, but Saul Alinsky is no enigma, and Biden, Obama, and Clinton are disciples of Alinsky. Check out Rules for Radicals if you want a glimpse of […]