My Last Prediction!

The Maypole Seems Innocent Enough As People Dance Around It

There is more to it as May Day gets celebrated in Moscow:

May Day Is Always Celebrated In Moscow With A Show Of Military Force

My prediction is this; now that the Communists have taken over America, there will be a favored holiday by the state. No, it will not be Christmas, New Years or Easter – not even the 4th of July known as Independence Day. No, it will be May Day which is the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 (among other things). The Bolshevik Revolution was facilitated and financed by European and American bankers, and along with major multi-national corporations, tax exempt foundations and secret societies employing useful idiot politicians, they have enslaved the masses. The little guy in the street who revels in this does not realize that Communism and Socialism are for the rich and powerful – not the little guy. No, the little guy will remain “little”!

My thanks to those who’ve visited the sight and read the material, and in some instances passed it on. May the LORD protect you and give you peace.


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  1. Alberticus · · Reply

    Frog ….. water …. heat
    Corona is amazingly parallel to the Bolshevik crushing of the prosperous Christian Ukrainian Kulaks.
    Study the HOLODOMOR, the Bolshevik Crimes .. 10X worse than anything the nazis did.
    For 40+ years TPTB have been eroding the Standard of Living for the “average” America. Wages never catch up to inflation. Jobs converted to Part Time and Contract work. Unions broken — all this started by Bastard Reagan
    The Corona HOAX is a sledge hammer taken to the scaffolding of YOUR Standard of Living.
    Forced closure of the little People as the Mega Corporations get YOUR tax subsidies.
    What is being done to small, and more importantly INDEPENDENT companies is identical to what was done to the Kulaks (prosperous Ukrainian farmers) between 1917 and the 1930s. By the 1930s, five million of them were systematically murdered by gun, gulag or starvation; If I had to guess, this might have motivated a certain former painter and wall paper hanger in a nation further west to not trust these suckers. No reason to trust the current set of suckers running the USA today because the game afoot is the same, turn the USA into the USSA completely.
    Just so you understand:
    ● The government told you you couldn’t work
    ● You had to go on government assistance
    ● Virtually all small businesses were destroyed
    ● All that money went to billionaires
    There are two options here:
    1) Either they created a virus hoax and it accidentally caused virtually all of the wealth of the middle class to be transferred to billionaires,
    2) They created a virus hoax and this wealth transfer happened on purpose.
    Why is AMAZON not shut down? Between packers, and deliverymen and vast amounts of interstate transfer, they are a huge virus transfer threat. Amazon reportedly tried to shut down a virtual event for workers to speak out about the company’s coronavirus response by deleting employees’ calendar invites
    Gee Wizz — 19,000 spreading Corona Nationwide —
    OH GOODY — Coronavirus can survive for up to 28 days on phone screens and money, study finds Last Updated: Oct. 12, 2020 at 11:23 a.m. ET The virus responsible for COVID-19 can survive for up to 28 days on surfaces including bank notes, phone screens and stainless steel, according to a study by Australian researchers.
    Same with WAYFAIR, EBAY, all these mega online shippers are greater threat then open stores. we do not REALLY know how long the virus can live on surfaces. Decades of lies and deception from the government make it impossible to trust. AMAZON brags about 1-2 day delivery — sealed inside a box the virus may very well survive and then the delivery people going from stop to stop could pick up and spread the virus far and wide.


    1. Good vent, although you were very hard on the Republican icon and paragon of virtue Ronnie Reagan – Mr. Deficit.


  2. There was for a short time a government in central Europe of the 1930’s and 40’s that encapsulated the best features of capitalism and Socialism, that was years ahead of its time. That political party was the National Socialist German Workers Party(NSDAP). Of course that was why it was ganged up on and destroyed by the very people who brought us Communism. Such a shame.


    1. I would take exception to your comments. There is no “best feature” of socialism. Socialism is central control of government and legalized thievery. It is determined by unseen people what you should or shouldn’t have, can or can’t afford, will or won’t do etc.


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