When You Die; Only Two Things Can Happen!

The Cosmos & Beyond

Only two things can happen when you die. Nothing or something. If nothing, then it’s all over. If nothing, then there’s no need to fear death (rue it maybe), and no need to live a good life or show any self-restraint.

On the other hand, what if something happens after you die? There are many stories, theories, traditions, hopes and anticipations that accompany that possibility. If something happens, then that means that some kind of consciousness exists outside of the temporal world in which we exist and in which we live our sentient lives.

If there is a consciousness outside of this world we know, and can see, then what might it be and what is it all about? This is the thing over which wars rage, anger, grief anxiousness, hope and frustration permeate the hearts, minds and souls of men (men being men and women).

There are those who believe in reincarnation which is the transformation of a life deceased and brought back into another life depending upon the quality of life you led the previous time. So, if you were an impoverished person, and you led a good life, you might come back as a king. If you were a wealthy person who led a bad life, then you might come back as a snake. Ultimately, you would go to heaven once you got it right on earth. Of course, there is no citable example of this every happening, and so it lacks any real credibility, and as well, it makes no sense other to impart a need to live a good life on earth.

There are those who believe in God and say that if you commit certain deeds (maybe good, maybe not?) in your life, you will go to paradise, and in paradise you will have sex with virgins, eat great food, live in the lap of luxury and want for nothing. Of course, this presupposes that there is an entity that will provide all of this without having to put forth any effort yourself. It also presupposes that this entity is a gate keeper of sorts and will make judgments as to who is received and who is not. It also fails to make clear why this “gate keeper” who has all of this power, would even care whether or not the participant had all of these self-indulgent opportunities for eternity. Whoever is in charge is not likely to want to spend his existence watching people self-indulge.

There are those who believe that upon death one enters into an ethereal and spiritual world of meditation and peace. This sounds nice, but who or what provides this world, and do they have authority in it or order it in any way? Additionally, what is the purpose, if any, for this world or heaven?

Then, there are a lot of people who just have a vague notion that they are going to Heaven (a place of peace, rest and no want), where they will be able to relax and not have anything upset their lives. They do not necessarily recognize any authority in Heaven, nor do they see any purpose in their being there. It’s just the next step in life. There’s no one there to order things or judge your life on earth – it’s just there, and nobody’s in charge.

Then there’s the Bible and Christian beliefs. The Bible is predicated upon a belief in “The” God who created the Heavens and the earth, and that He rules everything everywhere in the temporal realm, the eternal realm, the physical realm and the spiritual realm – EVERYTHING! The Christian belief is that “The” God created everything out of nothing, and there is nothing that He did not create. He does all things for His glory and good pleasure, and He rules from Heaven which is His residence, although He is everywhere.

He has a revealed will which is His written word called the Bible, Scriptures, Word etc. In His word, He says that He will save whom He will save and He will curse whom He will curse, and there’s nothing that man can do about it – a lot of people complain that’s “unfair”. On top of that, we (man) cannot do any work to achieve that salvation. God’s Son Jesus Christ did the work of a blood sacrifice on the cross, and He was the only one who could accomplish that. Even so, God mandates that His laws be obeyed whether you’re saved or not. He created man in His image, and made him good, while at the same time giving him the ability to choose to obey or disobey. The first man, Adam, chose to disobey and the punishment was death, and that punishment has been passed on to all men until the end of time.

For those whom God chooses, He has promised a way out of punishment – Heaven for them – even if they fail at times to obey Him. He has given an assignment to all men that they should glorify Him and enjoy Him forever and the forever is in Heaven. Nonetheless, only those whom He chooses will actually end up in Heaven and doing just that. Those who think they are on their way to Heaven, but hate, God, church, prayer, singing of hymns etc. are deceiving themselves. The Heaven God created and in which He rules will not appeal to them anyway.

The God of all creation wants to be worshipped and praised. He does not look to have his chosen over whom He reigns self-indulging their lusts.


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