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Quotes You Will Have A Hard Time Believing, But Believe Them – You Are The Target!

“Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work. I am going to bring down America by funding black hate groups. We will put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate. – George Soros (Interview with German Bild – September 2014) In […]

Medical Errors 3rd Leading Cause Of Death According To John Hopkins Medicine

John Hopkins Medicine says medical errors 3rd leading cause of death in America HERE. And these are the people who want to force Covid 19 vaccines upon us! John B. Wells puts it into perspective HERE. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso […]

A Covid Thuggery Picture Is Worth 1000 Words – Maybe More – Illegal Gatherings!