Colorado Is In Serious Trouble!

Kevin Lundberg is a term limited Colorado State Senator and advocate for Colorado.  He also happens to be a Christian man which makes him a target for those who hate Christ, God, the Bible, conservatives etc.  You know; those “tolerant” people called Democrats.

The Lundberg Report  
            From Colorado and Beyond

December 28, 2019

1. Denver and Northern Front Range Ozone is Now “Serious”

2. Does Oil and Gas Have No More Than 20 Years in Colorado?

3. 2020 – What to Expect
———————————————————————————————————————-1. Denver and Northern Front Range Ozone is Now “Serious”

The EPA just announced that Denver and the Northern Front Range have been downgraded to “serious” for dealing with ozone. This will mean more heavy handed regulations on our driving, all of industry (including oil and gas), and electric utilities.

The governor set us up for this ruling because last January he directed the Health Department to drop their application for a waiver from this downgrade. The waiver was appropriate because of the evidence that some of the problem is due to ozone precursors coming in from out of state.

Here an extensive report that came out of the 181 hearing the RSCC held earlier this month that gives clear evidence the process the state has been using for controlling ozone has been deeply flawed. Most regulations that have been implemented have been, to put it mildly, ineffective.

For the complete report click here.

The bottom line on this is the governor seems to be working to push us into this new regime of more expensive and restrictive controls and try to blame it on the EPA.
2. Does Oil and Gas Have No More Than 20 Years in Colorado?

Last week I debunked a claim the governor made about cutting taxes. In that very same message he boasted about his plan to put the entire state on 100% renewable energy in 20 years. Here is what he actually said:

“Begin our transition to 100% renewable energy by 2040. Protecting our Colorado way of life means preserving our lands for future generations and recognizing the economic benefits that come with clean energy. That’s why we passed key pieces of legislation that will create new jobs, invest in electric vehicles, and protect both workers and consumers as we establish Colorado as a leading green energy economy.

Another way of saying this is eliminate all other energy sources in Colorado in 20 years or less. Not only is this impossible to accomplish, it is economic madness to attempt. I am all for using renewable systems that are cost effective alternatives, but the only way solar and wind have become feasible is through heavy mandates and subsidies. And that is only as a small supplement to the state’s overall energy needs.

We the People end up paying for all of this in a higher cost of living and lower standard of living. To force a conversion within 20 years is absurd and our political leaders who have any amount of common sense had better start pointing this out loudly because the governor’s plans are reckless and destructive.

3. 2020 – What to Expect

The polices Polis has forced on this state in less than one year have been breathtaking. With the Legislature starting up next month we will see how much further they will go to transform Colorado into their vision of our future.

However, 2020 is also an election year and We the People will have some say as well. Buckle up, 2020 will be a bumpy ride, but we can take our state back to sanity if we all work hard to change our course, and pray, and vote.

May we be blessed with a happy and prosperous new year.

For Life and Liberty!

Kevin Lundberg
fmr Colorado State Senator

As the executive director for Republican Study Committee of Colorado, I am working to keep this organization a powerful voice for conservative values in the Colorado legislature. We are a non-profit 501(c)4 organization, relying on contributions
(which are not tax-deductable).

Donations can be sent to:

The Republican Study Committee of Colorado, P.O. Box 378, Berthoud, CO 80513.

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