When You Read Or Hear Certain Words & Expressions, Do You Know What They Mean & Why You’re Hearing/Reading Them?

Media Cartel

Let’s take for example the term “extreme right wing“.  This is a term you hear on the corporate media quite frequently.  What you don’t ever hear is “extreme left wing”  The left wing can never get too extreme – for example; Antifa can’t get too violent, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez cannot spend too much of the taxpayer’s money, mother earth worshipers cannot make too unbelievable future forecasts of global warming disasters, and Anderson Cooper or Don Lemmon cannot tell a lie.  On the other hand, “extreme right wingers” are exceedingly dangerous and always have a negative connotation attached to them.  They need to be “reined in”, “silenced”, “shut down”, “neutered”, “not believed” “milk shaked” etc.   You, the reader or listener must not have a discerning mind but must instead believe – YOU MUST BELIEVE!!!  One good example is the John Birch Society which has never done anything extreme in their history, but Wikipedia would tell you they have been referred to as “radical (extreme) right wing”.

And then there are “hate crimes“!  Yes, “hate” in the hands of the wrong people is exceedingly dangerous! tongue in cheek  It is not o.k. to hate evil, Communism, Socialism, destruction of the Constitution, restrictions of freedoms, lying, cheating, stealing etc., but it is o.k. to be an atheist and “hate” Donald Trump, Bikers for Trump, Trump Supporters, Conservatives, Whites, Christians etc., and there is no hypocrisy or inconsistency there – well, maybe just a little.

Within this context above, there must be “restraints on ‘hate speech‘ “.   Even though the (idolized by the left) U.S. Supreme Court has declared that there is no such thing as hate speech, the leftist media and NGOs continue to berate it and attack it with their own brand of hate speech.  Note, it is o.k. to call white, Christian, conservative people, and any black people who agree with them as “Nazis” and “Racists”.

Of course, you must accept the fact that we are experiencing “the threat of war“- all of the time and everywhere.  It’s national paranoia at its best.  The military industrial complex has trillions of dollars to deceive you into believing in “Iran is working on nuclear weapons” and we can’t have that can we?  Iraq had WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction).  “Russia meddled in U.S. elections” (the U.S. never meddles in other country’s elections – yeah, and I’ve got some beach front property in Yuma, AZ I’d like to sell you, or maybe some swamp land in Florida?)  The Chinese are out to get us, and we’ve got to strike first.  Don’t worry, it won’t take more than half of all you own, plus a few million young people between the ages of 17 and 26.  Yes Virginia, there is a military industrial complex, and they lie through their teeth, murder, steal and cheat constantly.  Oh, and occasionally, they bribe a politician if they can’t blackmail him/her.

Don’t forget, “It’s for the children“.  Yes, those children whose future is riddled with illicit drugs, poverty, crime, sexually transmitted diseases (std’s), perversion, propaganda, oppression, and ignorance.  The U.S. spends more money on education, K-12, than any country on the planet, and our kids are as stupid as a rock.  They believe all of the propaganda – for example;  it’s normal to not know what “gender” you are (sex M/F is no longer relevant), that socialism is the only realistic way to run an economy, that being educated by the government is good, the Constitution is outdated, homelessness should be eradicated by stealing from the haves, morality is whatever you want it to be, truth does not exist, God is dead, the Bible is a dirty book of lies and “hate”, public protest 101 is a prerequisite course, love Mother Earth, global warming is real etc. etc.  Forget learning how to read, write, think, add, subtract, multiply, divide, and hold eternal principles – that’s all dead weight.

It’s your right.”  Here we lose sight of some significant distinctions.  If you have a “right”, do you have an accompanying “responsibility”?  According to the purveyors of propaganda (ABC, CBS, CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, PBS and the print media as well), you have no responsibility directly attached to your rights.  It’s always someone else who is responsible.  Someone in the shadows (like a taxpayer or a government bureaucrat) who has to pick up the slack for “no responsibility”.   It seems that “rights” exist apart from duty, and are not distinct from privilege.  Ah, but what is the best way to destroy a nation  and a culture but to destroy the language – well done all you Marxist scum!

America is a great ‘Democracy‘ ”  Even past U.S. Presidents can be quoted as saying this nonsensical remark.  Do you think that’s by chance or design?  The founding fathers abhorred “Democracy”, and are on record as saying that “Democracies die a violent death!”  What is a “Democracy“?  In its most idealistic form, a “Democracy” is the ability for 50% + 1 to rule over 50% – 1 whenever something is put to a vote.  Now, it’s true under the Constitution that in certain issues, a simple majority can rule, but it cannot rule if it’s in violation of the law of the land (the Constitution).  In America, the people have managed to figure out (with the help of corrupt politicians) how to vote themselves to the purse strings of the nation.  Hang on to your money and property if you can – it may be a very rough and violent ride.

There must be a “separation of church and state.”  This term exists nowhere in our founding legal documents.  In fact, the First Amendment states quite clearly that the government shall make no laws regarding religion and the free exercise thereof.  Religion at the time was understood and narrowly defined as a belief in the God of the Bible – period!  It did not include Islam, paganism, Hinduism, Atheism, Agnosticism (all of which were, at the time, considered false religions), and in some instances actually rejected Roman Catholicism in favor of Protestantism.  Now, separation of church and state is actually a Biblical approach to government, but that does not mean separation of state and morality.  It is Biblical law and morality that holds the government in check from abuses of power.

America is not a ‘Christian’ nation.”  At the time of the founding of America, every single one of the original 13 colonies had a constitution of their own.  Each and everyone of them required that any “appointed” or “elected” official must be a believer in the God of the Bible.  The Bible was understood to be both the Old and New Testaments combined.  In the case of North Caroline which bordered MARYland to the north, they also required that their officials be of the Protestant faith.  Christianity  attempts to restrain evil and lies, and therefore is a threat to those who wish to rule with no restraints or constraints.

It’s time for ‘sensible’ gun control.”  The Second Amendment declares that there shall be no “infringement” upon the right to own and bear arms.  It does not say that you have the right to BARE ARMS, or in other words to be defenseless.  Historically, even going back to Biblical Times (I Samuel 13:19-22) arms control was a way of controlling and subduing a population into slavery.  In modern history, the Nazi’s, Bolsheviks, and Maoists were very successful in enslaving tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people by disarming them first “gun control” to be specific.  A particularly contemporary and insidious happening is the red flag law which allows for someone (anyone) to claim that someone (anyone) is a danger to themselves and/or others.  No evidence is required, only opinion which could be coming from an enemy, and offended person or whatever, and which will have the force of law and the intrusiveness to come into one’s home under this declaration, and rip it up and take whatever they wish with absolute impunity.

Sound as a dollar”  That was an expression utilized when the dollar was backed by gold.  Now the dollar, currently referred to as a Federal Reserve Note (read your dollar bill) is losing value like crazy, and is worth about 2 cents compared to when the Federal Reserve was founded, and about 7 cents compared to when President Nixon removed all gold backing from the dollar in the early 1970’s.  So, the dollar is not only NOT SOUND, but it is on very shaky ground.

This essay is a brief perspective on the language manipulation, combined with the Hitlerian philosophy that “If you tell a lie often enough, it will soon be believed.”, and so the masses believe all of the above lies and many more – enough to fill a very large book, and only  if you synopsize the book.  The bottom line is that you are being lied to in a blatant and broad fashion, and the purpose is to steal your wealth and your freedom – to make you a slave!


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