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Free Hollywood Movie – Full Length – Would You Like To See How & Why Things Remain The Same Politically?

Free movie Brotherhood of the Bell HERE.

3 Minute Video – The Rise In Homelessness – You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

  Dumpster Diving For Food The Rise In Homelessness!  Will you wait until it is at your front door?  This writer’s mother told him about the “Great Depression” of the ’30’s.  People would come to her back door seeking a scrap of food, and they were willing to work for it.  Now, with the entitlement […]

45 Second Video – Black Mob Brutally Beats White Man – Corporate Media Gives It Short Shrift At Best.

Black Mob Beats White Man!  This 45 second video doesn’t tell all the story, but it tells enough that there are some pretty savage people out there who are willing to commit serious crimes against persons.  Washington D.C. Police article here.  Maybe this is a message from the Democraps that if you’re white, “STAY OUT […]