A Guaranteed Job For Everyone! Sounds Good Doesn’t It? Let’s Take A Closer Look & See Just How Good!


Many of the touchy feely leftists candidates for the U.S. Presidency and/or other high offices such as Congress are talking about guaranteeing everyone a job.  Now, that’s one way to eliminate unemployment.  But, who will decide who gets what job?  Certainly, not everyone will be given the job of CEO of Apple or Google.  No, some people will be compelled to take a lesser job.  Not everyone will be a general manager of Best Buy or Home Depot.  And, not everyone can be President of the United States or a U.S. Congressperson.

There will have to be some less glamorous jobs like; ditch digging, cleaning out rest rooms, sweeping streets, shoveling snow, cutting lawns and so on.  Now, if the government is taking on the responsibility of  “guaranteeing” jobs, then the person assigning those jobs is going to do it based upon people he knows and likes first and foremost.  That means, that the people who get the most attractive, easiest and cleanest jobs with the best pay and hours of the day will be that person’s personal friends and acquaintances.

The people he/she/it picks will not necessarily be the most highly qualified for the work they are assigned.  That will lead to some serious inefficiencies and even outright deficiencies.  In other words, a person picked to do a job for which they are unqualified, will not do it particularly well or quickly.  Maybe they will appoint a lesbian transgender studies student to be the administrator of a hospital?  Maybe they will appoint a verified and certified pedophile to run an orphanage?  This will slow down the process of whatever they are doing, and also create undesired and/or poor results.  Think Soviet Union in the 1960’s when incompetence was elevated to a high art form.

On the other hand, the low paying really dirty, unpleasant and dangerous jobs with lousy hours working nights, weekends and holidays will be given to the unpopular people and/or the most despised by the he/she/it in charge of choosing and assigning positions.  It’s just human nature – what else could you possibly expect?  Some if not many of the people who receive the inferior jobs may be quite highly qualified to do something that is much more demanding and productive.  So, those people will be quite uninspired to do the job for which they are assigned.  They may even function at a very low level – below their capabilities.

How will the he/she/it in charge of assigning these jobs deal with someone in that situation?  Maybe a bull whip?  How about a baseball bat?  No, they’ll just take away privileges such as conjugal rights with spouses, or three meals a day, or a day off each week.  Of course, if that doesn’t work, then they’ll bring out the bull whip, baseball bats, small cages in the hot sun or freezing winter, water torture and finally, execution for those who are totally unredeemable.  Who knows what kind of barbarism will come of this nonsensical, regressive, demonstrably unproductive, impractical and totally unworkable foolishness.  Hey, but it sounds good – doesn’t it?

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