10 Minute Video – Trade Wars, Hot Wars, Deficits, Inflation, Debt, Taxes, Poverty For Americans Who Don’t Have A Clue!


Trade Wars – Bad Deal!   Americans are so polarized between Democrat/Republican, Liberal/Conservative, Have/Have Not, White/Black, Young/Old, Legal/Illegal ad infinitum, that they can’t see who’s pulling the strings that will ultimately enslave them.

Paper money has been used for millennia.  The Chinese invented it, and the natural outcome was corruption.  The European and U.S. central bankers have made a science of it, and we see the fruit of it now.  Think about the power of someone who can put a little ink on a cheap piece of paper – giving it a designated value, and then trading it for land, homes, buildings, factories, equities, gold, silver and you name it.  Almost no work went into printing the paper, but think of all the work that went into building a factory or mining tons of gold.

The best way to describe bankers is to apply the Yiddish (Jewish/German slang) word goniff which describes them to a “T”!  The central bankers are a private cabal of money lenders who have developed sufficient political clout so that they have got the force of government behind their “funny money”!  They are the “power behind the throne”!  They operate in secret, and they make and break Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers.  They act in concert to achieve a monolithic one world government; i.e. the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank, and the BIS (Bank of International Settlements).

They use inflation and deflation like turning on or off a spigot of water.  Inflation is more money and credit in the system, and that causes booms and drives up prices and reckless speculation.  Deflation is less money and credit in the system, and that causes recessions and depressions and drives prices down causing people to stop spending and investing.  If you look over history, you will see that this game has been run on western society for hundreds of years.

When the corruption of the currency becomes so obvious through its devaluation (inflation), that there is no way of redeeming its integrity and potency, then the solution for the bankers is to divert attention from the money’ failure and point nations to war.  War tends to be a unifying factor for a nation that is falling apart socially and economically.  Hot, violent, wars generally start with trade restrictions and tariffs.  Peace prevails when tariffs are low or non-existent and so trade flows smoothly between nations.  When tariffs are instituted or increased, then the nation(s) involved tend to retaliate with their own tariffs.  That has a twofold effect; one, it slows down economic activity impoverishing both (or all) nations involved, and two, that effect ultimately causes animosity to build toward the offending party(ies).  At some point, there is a sense of great desperation or anger which causes one of the involved parties to lash out with a bullet, missile or a bomb.

Now, we have war, and the populace of the nations involved must become unified toward either defending themselves, or achieving victory.  Of course at this point, the bankers have now achieved victory, because they have the indebtedness (money borrowed for war) of the nations involved, and they have the needed distraction of the man in the street who now has an enemy he can see, where he could not see the banker attacking his liberty.  “Dishonest weights and measures (fiat money – this writer’s addition) are an abomination to the Lord”  Proverbs 11:1

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