The Plight Of The Homeless!


The Plight Of The Homeless.  Why are people homeless?  Were they too greedy buying a home they couldn’t afford because of corrupt politicians mandating that corrupt bankers make loans available to people who don’t qualify, and when they could not pay the mortgage, they got foreclosed upon and evicted?  Is it because they lost their job thanks to outsourcing (not their fault necessarily), or because they had a drug habit, or they weren’t good workers, or they didn’t show up regularly?  Is it because they are criminals and/or ex-cons?

There are lots of reasons why people are homeless.  As Jesus said; “You will have the poor with you always.” (Matthew 26:11)  If that’s the case, then what is the responsibility of both the poor and those who are blessed with some means?  In this writer’s opinion, the poor have a responsibility to be in a good church that will take care of them (as this writer’s church does for its poor).  It is a twofold responsibility though; because, those with means must be in a good church in order to finance (through tithing) the needs of the poor. God created the church for this purpose as well as for the worship of Him.  The purpose of the government is not to steal from some to give to others in the name of false charity.  The purpose of the government is to protect people’s rights to property and liberty within the confines of the established laws of the land.

If the state assumes the responsibility of charity, it is done without accountability for the recipient, or at least not meaningful and beneficial accountability.  It also is not real charity, because the state has no heart or soul, and so everything done in the name charity is mechanical, regimented and in typical socialist fashion – ONE SIZE FITS ALL, and does not take the “individual” into consideration.  Under a church’s supervision, if it follows Biblical guidance and precepts, then there is individual attention and consulting with the poor recipient.

They (the poor) are held accountable and receive no further help if they are profligate in their lifestyle, or just plain willfully foolish or deceitful.  Look to the words of the book of II Thessalonians 3:10 where it says; “Those who will not work, should not eat.” Note “will not” implies volitional attitude, and precludes “can not” for cripples etc..   “Should not” implies that there is room for mercy and exceptions such as an alcoholic who is sincerely trying to recover.  In other words, the Bible allows for reason and discretion in applying its precepts.  The government makes no provision for something like that, and therefore, you end up with people on welfare who are unrepentant drug addicts, alcoholics, thieves, fornicators and bums in general who thumb their noses at the government and populace in general.

Ah, but what to do with the canard of “separation of church and state“?  Consider that separation of church and state is actually Biblical – the King shall not rule the church, and the church shall not rule the King.  That doesn’t mean that the King or the Priest/Pastor cannot use the “bully pulpit” to admonish, guide and correct the other.  It doesn’t mean separation of state and morality.  The bottom line does come down to whose morality will prevail.  Will it be the morality of the multitudinous and divided atheistic and socialist separartionists, or the Biblical precepts that will prevail.  That is the bottom line and the battle that has been fought for millennia.

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