Who is YOUR god/God?

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Is god/God an abstract idea subject to individual and/or collective interpretation?  Everyone knows there is a God of all creation, but many try to deny it and avoid the consequences that arise from their willful ignorance and/or rebellion against that God.  It becomes necessary then to create a substitute, because man (for the PC crowd, that term includes women and children as well) is created a “spiritual” being.  Therefore, he seeks to satisfy that craving by looking for something to guide his/her life and to hold as an object of reverence.  It’s been going on for millennia, so there’s no point in denying an eternal reality, fact and/or truth.

So, what are some of the substitutes that seem appealing to men?  Money comes to mind first and foremost because it is fungible (easily convertible into goods or services), and it can be obtained through a wide variety of means; not the least of which is theft through, taxation, inflation, burglary, robbery, gambling, prostitution, drug dealing, and certainly honest and productive enterprise falls into that category as well.

Now, if one has a god, and everyone does.  Then one finds it necessary to pay homage to that god, and to serve that god.  After money, the next god would be each individual man who seeks to serve his own beliefs instead of the teachings in Scripture of the God of creation.  Now, with rare exception, no man is going to come right out and say he’s god/God.  Therefore, he has to create some object of veneration that will allow him to direct his energy (deceptively so) toward that object instead of himself directly.  At the same time, that same man has to have some kind of control over the “object” in order to ultimately serve himself as god/God.

So what are the objects that are most common?  The largest object is earth which is tangible, ubiquitous for all men, and very necessary for man’s survival, and so Earth Day was created to celebrate Mother Earth.  Ergo;  we have global climate change, and environmentalism which have become two denominations of a world religion where everyone’s focus is narrowed and concentrated.  It’s kind of like Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism.  Then, there is a need for a catechism (maybe too Christian sounding), or better yet a mantra.  Mantras are short pithy phrases that are repeated often and faithfully.  They reinforce the belief system that is being proffered upon the people who have accepted one of those two denominations.

Some mantras include; “The world will end in 12 years if we don’t do something!”, or “We’re all ‘green’ now!“, or “It must be sustainable!“, or “Love Mother Earth!”.  You get the picture.  The people behind a lot of these mantras, both financially and ideologically, are very murky people who wield a lot of power because they are either billionaires, or they are financed by billionaires to do their bidding.  Again, we can see that the love of money, as well as a hatred for Christianity, is an integral part of the equation.  Those who hold great wealth have only one main objective to achieve after that.  They must become a god.  Then of course the struggle begins as to who is the most important, wealthiest and powerful god, and he will become king of the hill so to speak, or “God” in his own imagination.  These people are often referred to as sociopaths and psychopaths, but that designation is overlooked in the case of George Soros (60 Minutes Interview Of George Soros.).  George likens himself to a god – very modest of himself.  Other wealthy elitist get a pass for their mega-maniacal sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies

Now, for those of you who are looking for god/God, ask yourself this; “What do I want in a god/God?”.  If you want miserable failures, war mongers, hypocrites, greedy liars,  pedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves, oppressors, inanimate objects (ex. money) and so on, then you will always be disappointed with the results, and you will never be spiritually fulfilled.  On the other hand, if the God of the Bible, your Creator, and the Faithful, Omniscient, Omnipotent Sovereign God over all of the universe is more along your lines – Someone upon Whom you can trust for strength, and the peace that passes all understanding, then try the God of the Bible Who has demonstrated Himself over and over throughout history as loving, kind, merciful and generous.

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One comment

  1. PJ London · · Reply

    I cannot believe that a ‘God’ exists.
    “God of the Bible, your Creator, and the Faithful, Omniscient, Omnipotent Sovereign over all of the universe” : if such an entity existed and yet allowed the evil of this world to continue then I can never respect or revere such an entity. Such an approach, to allow evil to flourish when it is in one’s the power to end it, is in itself such an evil as defies description.
    So if God does exist and has the power to stop the evil and yet does not do so, then I would not want to be part of such a universe.
    If such a being condemns me for having standards much higher then his, then so be it.


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