Daily Archives: April 10, 2019

Latest Video On The Decline Of San Francisco – It’s Ugly, Expensive, Destroying Tourism & Leaving Everyone Vulnerable In Their Person & Property!

  Ugly San Francisco!  Too bad that leftist, Democratic Socialist scum can ruin what was once a beautiful and delightful city – I know because I lived there for 7 years and walked the streets with no fear, no needles, no poop, no drug dealers in open, just a clean and pleasant city.  Colion Noir […]

Video – Police Shortage In Portland Oregon – Somehow The City Council Is So Dense, They Just Can’t Figure It Out!

  Police Shortage.  What are the ramifications of a police shortage?  Besides the obvious that personal safety, private property and law enforcement in general are at risk, governments will not allow that to happen.  If you can’t get good people to be police, then you will get bad people to be police.  You’ll get people […]

20 Minute Video – Maybe It’s Time To Stop Googling & Start “Ducking” (that is Duck Duck Go Search engine)

  Google Algorithms Distort Truth – Keeps You Ignorant. I’m going to “Duck” that.  Did you “Duck” that story?   Did you “Duck” that restaurant?  I’m busy “Ducking” it right now!  “Duck” came up with lots of links.  Have you “Ducked” it yet?”  What did “Duck” say about it?  Were you able to find it on […]

6 Minutes – Candace Owens – Heard Of Her? She’s Black, Beautiful & Bodacious! She Ripped The Democrats A New One!!!

Candace Owens Black, Beautiful, Bodacious – Ripped Democrats A New One!  Democrats have lost a lot of Black support – that’s why they need to bring in massive new numbers of illegal immigrants who out of ignorance will vote them into office.  Candace is clear, concise, cogent, articulate and acerbic.  She is a powerhouse with […]

Deadly Fungus With No Known Cure Migrates Through Hospitals & Is Released Through The Ventilation System Into The Open Air To Attack Everyone Everywhere

Deadly Fungus Among Us – No Known Cure!   Did you need something else to worry about?  If so, here it is.  After you wring your hands, gnash your teeth and lament that the world is coming to an end, then consider reading Deuteronomy 28.  “C” Auris as it is called, is just what the demented […]