Have you ever thought of the order in which we live?  There are two different kinds of order.  There is the “natural” order, and man’s order.  Withing the scope of man’s order, we know that no matter what state in America, we can drive through a green light without fear of legal sanctions or an accident and/or injury.  We know that people will stop at the red light.  We know when we are in a building, and we see a door, that we can walk out that door because the fire department’s code says “if it looks like a door, it has to work like a door – it cannot be locked to prevent egress.  We know when we go to the store and find something we want to have, there will be a cashier to take our payment on the way out (new stores are utilizing a chip, but the principle still exists).  We know that we can go to a hospital in a medical emergency 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365/6 days a year, and someone will be there to help take care of us.  These are a reflection of man’s order in western society.  It may be different in other countries, but in America, this is the order to which we have become accustomed.

Becoming accustomed to order leads to taking something for granted without giving it much, if any, thought.  We expect to see the sun during the day and darkness at night.  We are not surprised, and usually pleased when we see rain and snow.  Depending upon where you live (by the ocean) you can expect the wind to blow.  We take for granted that it will be warm in the summer and cold in the winter throughout most of the world.  We can look up in a clear night sky, and see the North Star or the Big Dipper.  These are things that reflect an order that has gone on since the beginning of time – before any man was able to record history handed down by word of mouth even, and we call this the “natural” order.

Man’s order is easily explained and justified.  The natural order is subject to debate.  There are those who attribute the natural order to the handiwork of God – the God of all Creation.  Then there are those who believe that everything comes from chance.  So, here are some questions for the proponents of chance:

1.)    If everything is the result of chance, where did the original material come from?

2.)    If a “big bang” (still don’t know the cause) began it all, why are the planets so consistently spherical?  A violent big bang would lead one to believe that edges would exist – that there would be less consistency in the appearance of the planets in our solar system.  Why is Saturn the only planet with a ring, and how could that possibly come out of a big bang?

3.)    If things are by chance, then why is there such order in science and mathematics?

4.)    If by chance, then why can’t a monkey (our closest ancestor according to the chance crowd) mate with a human.

5.)    If by chance, why is there no missing link in the “chain” of evolution?

6.)    If by chance, then please explain where gravity came from?

7.)    If by chance, please explain why (WHY) a seed germinates that can be hundreds, or even thousands, of years old without germinating until exposed to some water.

If you cannot provide scientifically repeatable demonstrations of a natural phenomena or the reasons for their occurrence, then would it not be advisable to those who embrace science so whole heartedly to consider reconsidering their philosophy regarding the basis to their world view?

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