When Our Leaders Betray Us – Shall We Obey & Live With Their Betrayal?

Treason T.J.

A large percentage of Christians would quote Romans 13 out of context and say that we must obey Caesar no matter what.  To my fellow Christians; there is no Biblical justification to obey Caesar when he commands sin or prevents obedience to God.  How do you assess what is sin and/or obedience required?  Go to the Bible and read it in its fullest context, and after that, read some valid commentaries by scholars who led the way in the Protestant Reformation.  Don’t be fooled by all of the hoaxes perpetrated on America by the bought and paid for lamestream corporate fake news media.

What shall we as a people, Christian or not, do when our leaders betray us?  The founders of our American government set up a number of solutions starting with the Declaration of Independence, and they even declared that the people had the right and duty to overthrow a government that had betrayed us (read for example Federalist Papers #28 by Alexander Hamilton).  It should be duly noted that if “We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights”, then He, and only He can take them away.  He may well use our own government to do that.

The Declaration of Independence states that the people will put up with a lot before they finally are pushed over the edge, and will tolerate no more perfidiousness and treason.  Short of a revolt and/or rebellion, we have been given other methods which, sadly, are under serious attack.  In the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment acknowledges and protects the right to religious belief without government interference; to publicly assemble and seek redress for grievances, and to speak in public (political speech implied), or print the truth for mass dissemination.

In opposition to that has  risen up a chorus of media pundits who deride those who speak publicly about anything with which they and their agenda disagrees.  This is bad enough, but there is also an attack on the street against people who assemble to speak and share and lobby publicly for their own ideology, and if it contradicts the proponents of total government, then they have been and are being assaulted publicly while the police look on in relative indifference.  An example would be Antifa, and you can go to the search bar (on the right side of the BLOG page right above the Category listings) and look up Antifa, and there’s plenty of information to review and assess.

The courts under the Fourth Amendment auspices have gutted it in favor of law enforcement and tyrannical government, so that more and more  people who fall into disfavor (sometimes politically) are less and less secure in their property, privacy, and person.

The Fifth Amendment protects someone against self-incrimination (which is being manipulated and undermined), and also “due process” which means that any charges against you must be handled lawfully, and that you must be properly compensated by the government for any losses or damages you experience.  That is almost completely out the window today.

The Sixth Amendment protects Americans by guaranteeing a trial by jury, but the methodology used by prosecutors makes that function almost impossible (details are lengthy).  Additionally, the amendment guarantees a “speedy” trial.  That’s a sham as the speediest trial anyone is going to get today will likely take 6 months or more while in the interim, they may be incarcerated and there is nothing but a tepid apology at best if they are found to be innocent.  The amendment also guarantees that you will be confronted by your accuser, and the government is trying to get around that one as well.  On top of that, you are guaranteed counsel (attorney).  As a prisoner, to whom this writer ministered, referred to them as “public pretender”.  A public defender is paid by the government, and as such he is not likely to step on the toes of his employer.

The Seventh Amendment protects against “double jeopardy” or being tried for the same thing twice.  The government is attempting to overcome that protection through all sorts of machinations.

The Eighth Amendment protects against “excessive bail” requirements.  How often have you heard of million dollar bails?

The Tenth Amendment protects “state’s rights”.  The 17th Amendment destroyed that, and the Federal government has eroded state’s rights dramatically.

The Third Amendment is, at this time not a factor, but it’s good we have it.  The Ninth Amendment reaffirms the rights of citizens that are not already enumerated.

So, you may be wondering why the Second Amendment has been overlooked or put out of sequence.  There is a saying regarding American’s rights and the political/judicial system; “First, there’s the ballot box, then the jury box, and finally, the cartridge box”.  The “Founders” debated whether the Second Amendment should be “First”.  It is said, that the other nine amendments are protected by the Second, and the Second Amendment is under attack everywhere in America today.  In Colorado, where this writer lives, we are confronted with HB 19-1177 which is referred to as a “Red Flag” law (go to search box on this BLOG and enter Red Flag and you will find much more info).  How far will you let the government infringe upon this the last right, and the only one with the physical power to protect the others?

As the saying in the previous paragraph connotes, when all else fails, it’s time for a violent revolution.  This of course is a challenge to a tyrannical big government such as exists in America today.  Of course, violence is anathema to most Americans, so it can be safely assumed that it will have to get worse before that happens.  The political polarization which is starting to tear America apart may be the catalyst.

So, what are we to do when our government betrays us by not obeying the “Supreme Law Of The Land – the Constitution?  The first and most important thing you can do is to pray intelligently.  Secondly, you can turn from your most egregious sins; adultery, fornication, and disobedience to the Fourth Commandment,

After that, you can speak the Biblical/Secular truth both privately and publicly based upon being accurately and properly informed.  Inform yourself on the issues, and vote.  If that fails to work, then you know there’s a conspiracy to destroy America and your freedoms and to enslave you, and this quote from Thomas Jefferson is of interest in particular; “When the people seek a change in the direction of government, and through voting successive changes of administrations, there is no change in the direction of government, then you know there is a conspiracy!”  At that point, there are no alternatives, and that’s why we have the Bible and the Second Amendment, and that’s what you do when your leaders betray you.  Below is a previous post with more very valid Biblical analysis of resisting tyranny.

Does The Bible Make Provision For Resisting Tyrannical Government?


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