An Original Poem – Hopefully Thought Provoking – Put It To Music If You Can!

musical notes

Why does man do what he does?

What makes him do wrong or right?

Does it give him a buzz

Or make him want to fight?


When men do wrong to each other

Hurting all as they go

Did they learn this from their mother?

Is there a better way they know?


Seems forever that so much is wrong

Stealing, lying – killing persist

While the weak suffer at the hands of the strong

Barely able, even to exist.


A time will come; yes it will

When men will say; “Enough!”

And will no longer kill

Lie, cheat, and steal stuff.


Yes, there is peace on the horizon

A time when the righteous will be free

When Christ comes in a blazin’

And the blind will finally see!


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