11 Minute Video – Go Back To Europe Where You Came From!


Go Back To Europe Whitey!  Well, whitey will go back to Europe, when you “native” Americans go back to Asia where you came from.  Everyone in America, including “natives” are immigrants.  If first come first served is the order of the day, then he who has the biggest billy club, the most money, the greatest numbers etc. is also the order of the day.  Full article here.  You can’t make stuff like this up – it’s the FNN (Fake News Networks) pushing the propaganda that they get paid to do.  For you fans of the quick witted Ben Shapiro and Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant; enjoy.

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  1. Dirty coward “marine” did not go over and get in the faces of the black RACISTS who were insulting the Children. He did not demand the black Bigots STFU.
    The coward went over and tried to provoke the Children who were being insulted.
    Sandmann is more of a MAN than Chief Fulla Bull Phillips the “marine”
    Sandmann served as much time in Vietnam as Chief Running Mouth Phillips did.
    his duty status lists “ discharged ,” not “honorably discharged .” That could have to do with his multiple stints in confinement after being AWOL


  2. Of course I mind the situation you describe in the first and the second line. I don’t understand your question regarding “browns”. Can you please be more specific? You are presuming I’m white which is your prerogative. As far as being an “overlord”, that is a repugnant idea to me to be one or to be ruled by one. My political philosophy is live and let live (Christian Libertarianism) as long as nobody is perpetrating attacks on one’s life, liberty or property as the Constitution was chartered to protect. The Constitution is also chartered to protect our national borders. I oppose the fraud of our nation claiming the “national interest” to subvert nations around the world, much of which has caused the displacement of which you speak. May I be so bold as to suggest you read the Federalist Papers which was an explanation of why the Constitution was written the way it was. Now, if you are a Communist or a Socialist, then I fully understand your militancy and in your face threats. On the other hand, if you are a sincere person, please feel free to continue this dialogue. Keep in mind, that because I post something on this BLOG, that does not mean I am in full agreement with the subject matter, although I am in substantial agreement with the opinions. I try to give voice to a variety of opinions within a reasonable context.


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