Irrefutable Evidence – Those Crossing Mexico’s Border Into U.S. Are From All Over The World – Muslims Included!!!


Hard Evidence Border Crossings By Non-Hispanics – Let Alone Mexicans!  We are being invaded, and people who live near the Mexican border live in fear for their lives.

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  1. Aware of these lax enforcement policies, tens of thousands of aliens attempted to the cross the border illegally every month. Last October alone, more than 66,000 people were apprehended after entering illegally — and that 66,000 is just the number of individuals we actually found; it does not include those who evaded detection.


    1. Yes, and how many “evade” detection? And where do they all go, and what do they all do? Do they assimilate? Does the money they earn stay here or go out of country? Lots to think about!


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