The Slippery Slope – Step By Step


The term “slippery slope” refers to the decline of a moral situation affecting society.  The following is a less than complete list of how it happens – keep in mind, when the slope gets too steep and too slippery, there’s nothing stopping the slide until you get to the bottom, and at that point, the bottom is very ugly, and nobody’s life, property or liberty is safe from destruction.

We’ll start with an objective standard which guides a society and its body politic.  For example, let’s use America starting from the early 1600’s when the Bible was an objective standard.

1.    There are multiple interpretations of the Bible

2.    The Bible cannot be relied upon for all truth.

3.    The Bible has errors in it.

(1 – 3 are the fruit of American seminaries which were infiltrated early on, and by the mid-1800’s most all ministers had been inculcated with this teaching, and they carried it to their congregations where it became an accepted and understood doctrine by the church  congregants by the early 1900’s)

4.    Chastity before marriage is not absolutely necessary

5.    White lies are o.k.

6.    Honest money is not required if you want the economy to grow.

7.    Debt is good.

(All of 4 -7 took place by the end of the 1920’s)

8.    Government should take care of those who have suffered poverty by providing jobs.

9.    Income tax and redistribution of wealth is a reasonable way to empower government to do good.

10.  Meddling in other nation’s affairs is noble when it is in the best interests of America.

11.  Playing favorites – one nation over another is appropriate.

12.  Providing money and political support to tyrants may be allowed.

(All of 8 – 12 took place by 1940)

13.  Provoking war is good.

14.  Mass murder is good.

15.  Government control of the economy is good.

16.  Restriction of liberties – especially foreigners can be justified.

(All of 13 – 16 took place by 1950)

17.  Government stimulus to advance the economy is good.

18.  Teenage gangs, although not needed are acceptable.

19.  Hollywood is a good source of propaganda.

20.  War is something that should be perpetual.

21.  Inflation is o.k., and maybe even preferable.

(All of 17 – 21 took place by 1960)

22.  A non-Christian (J.F.K.) Roman Catholic can be President.

23.  Sexual morality needs to be more free and liberated so that marriage and procreation is no longer an object of sex, and living together is quite alright.  Abortion is instituted as a legal form of birth control and the Federal Government chooses to finance it through Planned Parenthood which was founded by eugenicist and Hitler adviser Margaret Sanger of New York.

24.  It’s o.k. for men to wear long hair, earrings and feminine attire.  It’s o.k. for women to wear short hair and men’s clothing.

25.  Church is anything you want it to be – the Bible being just an adjunct.

26.  Homosexuality and recreational drug use is no big deal.

(All of 22 – 26 happened by 1970)

27.  Money and material possession are a noble object in life even at the expense of honest dealings.

28.  Truth – it’s my truth, but not necessarily your truth – is a casualty of an advanced and sophisticated society.  Objectivity is no longer the standard – it’s how you “feel” that counts!

29.  Greed is good.

30.  More meddling in other country’s business is good and acceptable as long as it is in the “national interest” of the U.S.

(All of 27 – 30 happened by 1980)

31.  Homosexuality needs to be protected by funding medical research and care for those who are suffering from GRID (acronym for Gay Related Immune Deficiency) which was politically incorrect and therefore renamed AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which implies that it came by chance off of a toilet seat)  Subsequently, it has been renamed a third time HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) which means you can probably get it from a public sneeze, and it affects everyone in the world – because everyone is a human.  Additionally, high government officials were implicated in pedophilia and pederasty – The Franklin Scandal.  Government financed abortion continues unabated

32.  Media began to openly support immoral behavior and making excuses for it while denigrating (albeit on a low level) Christian morality – the founding of America’s government and the freedoms that all Americans enjoy.  Abortion is now taking over 1 million lives per year.  No attention is given to women who suffer psychologically from abortions not to mention medical problems such as sterility and perforated uteruses.

(Both 31 and 32 happened by 1990)

34.  Homosexuality entered in a bold way the television situation comedy market and the movie industry.  It was promoted and these shows and movies started to feature people who were either openly homosexual or had obvious homosexual proclivities.

35.  Homosexuals became militant and began to attack Christians (this writer had a pastor who was firebombed by militant homosexuals along with his family while in their home) and even call for them to get in the closet.  Abortion remains a political hot button and a litmus test for the two major political parties although the Republicans for the most part only paid lip service to the issue.

36.  A great disparity between rich and poor began to manifest itself in America, and this was substantially implemented by the Federal Reserve through a massive increase in the money supply and credit which allowed for a .com bubble that built up the Silicon Valley in California and also a somewhat lesser tech boom in Massachusetts.  The tech boom attracted a disproportionate number of homosexuals and leftist ideologues.

(All of 34 – 36 happened by 2000)

37.  2000 had an economic collapse of the tech bubble leaving millions financially devastated and holding the bag (worthless stocks like

38.  A movement toward equalization between heterosexuality and homosexuality to the point of societal/political endorsement of homosexual marriage.  This was accommodated by the Federal government and large publicly held corporations such as the Ford Motor Company which offered health benefits to employees and their “significant others”.  The so called “church” in America got sucked into the vortex of this political correctness even though it is contrary to what the Bible says.  This lead to all sorts of politically correct mandates such as social gatherings having to have this kind of inclusiveness as well as mandates by the Federal government as far as equality in the work place – no keeping homosexuals out of highly sensitive security and defense departments in the Federal Government.  Abortion continues unabated.  All of this was facilitated by wealthy people like George Soros, and implemented by the “first black” Muslim Communist President of the U.S.!

39.  The Federal Reserve , to overcome the bubble and crash of 2000, inflated the currency and credit  in whopping multiples leading to an even larger bubble which led to a greater crash in 2008 than in 2000.  All of this was fueled by unconstitutional dishonest money.

40.  Schools were mandated to teach promiscuous heterosexuality and homosexuality along with abstention as a reluctant alternative.

(All of 37 – 40 happened by 2010)

41.  Homosexual marriage is accepted and codified.  Heterosexuality is mocked and diminished in its value and relevance.

42.  Laws that restrict Christian influence and speech in public are codified.  Abortion continues unabated and receiving financing from the taxpayers through the Federal Government.

43.  America gets its first homosexual Governor in Colorado

44.  Half of all births are out of wedlock

45.  Marriage is being postponed or deferred completely by over half of all Americans.

46.  The Federal Reserve has flooded the world with dishonest dollars and unlimited credit.

47.  Half of all Americans could not come up with $400 without borrowing it.

48.  The average American has $13,000 in credit card debt.

49.  America has roughly $200 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities.  States like California have $462 billion in debt, and they cannot print money – how will they pay for the debt?

50.  Abortion continues unabated, and Americans are no longer reproducing at a sustainable rate.

51.  Illegal immigrants (Illegal is not a race) are invading America to the tune of well over 1 million per year, and the ones coming in many instances are coming for a “free ride” to get “free” education, medical care, money, drugs, housing, transportation, cell phones etc. while American citizens cannot get these things, or not to the extent that illegal immigrants get them.

52.  Illegal immigrants make up the lion’s share of people in prison and outstanding arrest warrants.  Additionally, a high percentage of them are on the public dole.  A large disproportionate number of criminal activities are perpetrated by illegal immigrants.  Again, illegal is NOT A RACE!!!

53.  Illegal immigrants voting in huge numbers is becoming obvious, and vote rigging and corruption is becoming rampant and out of control.

54.  The bought and paid for lamestream fake news media’s lies and corruption have been exposed, and they have basically conceded that they are not objective but that they are solid Communists and proponents of the Democratic Party.

55.  Pharmaceutical companies have been able to mandate 27 vaccines for children regardless of the consequences and thereby enriching themselves to the tune of billions of dollars a year.

56.  Guns, virginity, marriage, Christianity are bad.  Islam, Sharia law, disarmament, sexual promiscuity, Socialism and Communism and polygamy are good.

(All of 41 – 56 happened before 2020) 

All of the above leaves America to a vulnerability of economic collapse, rampant crime and ultimately a violent and oppressive dictatorship the likes of which the world has never seen before.

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