My Letter To My Congressional Representative Regarding The “Wall”!



Message Subject:  Defeating the “Wall”

Message Text

Dear Congresswoman DeGette,

You may remember me; I gave you a rare Van Morrison CD that you didn’t have.

My point in writing is that we do not need a wall which costs money, is unsightly,

you can dig under, climb over etc.  The absolute best alternative to a wall and

would save hundreds of billions of dollars, if I have not been misinformed on the

fact that the Democrats want open borders to get more voters, would be to stop

bribing immigrants to come with free money, food, housing, medical care, citizenship

without qualification, which treats illegal immigrants better than U.S. Military Vets.

Not only would this save hundreds of billions of dollars, but it would eliminate the

horror stories, murders, rapes, pillaging etc.  Just some (indigestible) food for thought.

Would You Like A Response  Y

Hey, do you think I’ll get a response?

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