All Politics Is Religious


Yes, like it or not, believe it or not, all politics is religious.  Let’s define the terms.  Religion is a belief in a system of right and wrong – morality.  All laws are legislated morality. Politics comes from the Greek “politis” which means citizen.  So, politics is citizenship in action – people making laws that reflect the values/virtues/morality or lack thereof of a community or nation of people.  Neither word by itself has any qualitative or articulated meaning.  They are just words.  So, let’s give them some meaning.

Will we have a Communist form of politics?  (Communists are scientific atheists ruling by an iron fist from the top down).  Or, will we have an anarchistic form of politics where there are no laws and rulers?  That, even for the basic simpleton, is an impossibility.  Or, will we have something in between?

Who determines “right” and “wrong”?  If, it’s a majority of one (1 million to 1 million-one – Democracy), then must we expect the majority to always be “right”?  How about NAZI Germany that elected Hitler by a majority?  How about Jim Crow laws that were voted into law by a majority in America?  Ancient Greece was a democracy, and they failed miserably and have never really recovered.  No, a simple, or for that matter even a “super”, majority will not work.  America’s founders knew that.

So, how about if “right” and “wrong” are determined by the wealthy?  Wealthy people, if not restrained, tend to favor themselves over the rest, and therefore, they leave the rest in poverty and second class citizenship – feudalism if you will.  No, rule by the wealthy will not work either.

Maybe rule by corporations might work?  Corporations tend to favor themselves, and sometimes they even foist upon the peoples of a nation unhealthy chemicals, wars, environmental damage and dangerous machinery.  No, corporatism will not work.

Maybe we should go back to a monarchy; you know a king and/or a queen?  Unfortunately, those people have a history of becoming inbred, insane, narcissistic, autocratic, cruel, war mongers and indifferent to the people.  No, a monarchy will not work, and the founders of America knew it.

How about a dictator – for life!!!?  You can certainly talk with the living victims (many have died) who were under Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon et. al.  They might tell you that unwarranted/unjust imprisonments, torture, murder, plundering of their property, stifling of their speech, art and writings were really not very pleasant.  No, dictatorships will not work either.

At the founding of America, one of the battle cries was “No king but King Jesus!”.  He would be a benevolent King, but wicked, licentious, lawless men hate Him, and they will not have Him rule over them.  No, a benevolent dictatorship has been proven, not bad, but out of the question.  Besides, many of those who “profess” to be Christian, are in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they are perverting and twisting the Gospel and Biblical precepts/laws.  No, a theocracy will not work – man is inherently sinful.

How about a political system of a common purse – socialism?  Historically, in the over 100 times that socialism (including in early America) has been tried, it has failed miserably.  It is necessary in its implementation to take away all right to property.  If nobody has a right to property, then they a.) have no incentive to produce, because they cannot keep the fruits of their labors, and b.) become lazy and thereby have to be willingly, or unwillingly, assigned their duties to support the “common good”, and c.) there is much fighting over the redistribution of whatever is produced, and that always ends up in shortages, starvation, low quality of goods and services and skyrocketing prices.  Venezuela is one of the most recent examples of this miserable condition of man.  Other nations throughout history have experienced the same.  No, socialism will not work either.

How about a republic?   Rome had a republic at one time.  Rome was a great nation at one time, but then Caesar became dictatorial, and the Senate lapdogs for him.  Tyranny and socialism ensued, with wars, slavery and ultimately chaos as Rome was overrun by hoards of  illegal immigrants.  So, a republic in and of itself will not work.

Although not perfect, America was founded on the principle of a Constitutional Republic.  That was understood as rule by law (not men) under the objective authority of the Constitution – “the Supreme Law of the land“.  It was a mechanical structure for government which was built on the foundation that “all men are created equal” (rich, poor, smart, dumb, crippled, talented, educated, uneducated, Christian, Jew, Muslim, black,. white, indian – admittedly abused and cleaned up over time) and are “endowed by their Creator” (the God of the Bible – clearly understood by all who signed the document) “with certain inalienable (can’t be taken away) rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Life” has become an issue as there are those who deny it begins at conception, and some even deny it begins at birth.  And, now, people are trying to ease the old people out of the picture as well.

Liberty” is the ability to walk (associate and move) and talk (speak and write) freely without constraint or restraint within the context of not violating slander and libel laws.  If done, then the civil courts are where that is to be settled.  Try getting on an airplane without being searched and patted down by the TSA.  Try starting a business without permission (licensing).  Try keeping your money without voluntarily reporting all of it to the I.R.S. and giving them whatever they say you owe.  Try speaking or writing publicly about moral issues that are near and dear – you will be castigated, accused of hate crimes and vilified profusely by vile, degenerate, unprincipled thugs who are supposedly your fellow American citizens.

Pursuit of happiness“; how egregiously abused is this one?  The Constitution says you have the right to pursue “happiness”.  Well, what is happiness?  Let’s submit just the basics; liberty, good health, personal property obtained honestly, and that’s the basics.  Remember though, you are only guaranteed the right to “pursue” happiness – there are no guarantees you’ll achieve happiness.

The problem is that men do not want to be ruled by God, and the only alternative is to be ruled by men.  Choose this day whom you will serve.

So, yes, a Constitutional Republic with democratically elected representatives ruling under that Constitutional guideline (noted for protecting the majority from the minority and the minority from the majority) is by far and away the best form of a political system, but it is not perfect.  As one of the founders quipped in 1787 upon ratifying the Constitution, and when asked what kind of government did you give us, the response was; “A republic Ma’am, if you can keep it.”  Well, we’ve done a lousy job of “keeping it.”  Will America go down the Hell hole and cesspool of democracy, socialism, tyranny, totalitarianism etc., or will we recover?

What kind of morality will prevail in America’s politics to distinguish between right and wrong?  As for this writer, give me King Jesus!

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