USA Today – Hillary Says; “The Time For Civility Is Over”. Really? When Were The Democrats Ever Civil? The Message Is That A “Grass Roots” Democrat Communist Uprising Will Now Be Necessary!


USA Today Quotes Hillary Clinton as saying that the time for civility is over.  “Democrats have to be tougher!”  USA Today is an establishment leftist rag, so it must be true – right?  You better hope that the Dennis Rodmans and Kanye (“Ye”) Wests of the black community can wake up the whole black community which was at one time owned by the Democratic Party.  So far, roughly 30% of Blacks have awakened, and it terrifies the Democrats that there are black people who can think for themselves and are not willing to act in a monolithic manner any more to blindly support the Democratic Party’s agenda of a welfare state plantation to keep them all mollified.

If all goes well, the revolution will have to start without them, and that will weaken the Democrats hand severely.  Don’t rely upon the Republican Party to come to the rescue, as they are just as bad for the most part.  No, if America is to be saved from the miserable end that the people of Venezuela and other Socialist/Communist paradises have had to suffer, then it will require Americans who care more about America than they do the false alternative paradigm of Repubocrat/Demopub choices, and they will have to speak up, boycott the left in either party and stand fast upon the Constitution, and our Christian heritage.

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