What’s Going On With Silver?

Silver Maple LeafSilver is the common man’s money.  Silver is typically worth, on an historical basis, 1/16th of the value of gold.  Right now, it’s worth approximately 1/70th of the value of gold.  Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank (A Rockefeller Institution) is holding 800 million ounces of silver.  At today’s price, that amounts to about $12 billion.  J.P. Morgan Chase has been shorting silver along with other manipulators in the banking industry to drive down the price making it cheap for them to buy.

What’s interesting is this writer received an announcement of the security measures by Canada to prevent the counterfeiting of silver maple leafs!  This writer has never heard of silver coinage being counterfeited.  It doesn’t even sound profitable; unless – the  price is headed much higher!  There are experts in the industry of commodity metals who say that silver and gold may reach parity.  In other words, one ounce of gold would be worth one ounce of silver.

Now, if gold is undervalued by 85%, and silver’s ratio is at 70, then silver could conceivably go up 420 fold to close to $1000 per ounce if the market is allowed to function freely without manipulation.  That would make counterfeiting silver profitable.  Will that happen?  Hard to say.  One thing to consider is that silver is an industrial metal known for being the best conductor of electricity in the world.  It’s used in all electronic devices such as computers, TV’s, automobiles, appliances, mother boards, cell phones etc.  Not only that, but it is used for water purification around the world.  Unlike gold, silver gets consumed in its industrial applications.  With prices having been suppressed for so long, many mines have stopped or slowed production.  That means there’s less silver available in the market place.

By law, the U.S. Mint is supposed to make silver eagles from domestic (U.S.) silver mines.  They haven’t been able to do that, and so silver is coming from foreign countries.  In addition to that, on more than one occasion, the mint was unable to deliver silver eagles on demand, but instead they had to back order them for as much as six weeks!  Keep your eye on silver, because it has a lot of upward potential with almost no downward potential.

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