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Removing The Sticker Does Not Void The Warranty!

  Removing the Sticker Does Not Void the Warranty Your electronic device likely comes with a sticker warning “Warranty Void if Removed.” Other stickers— and fine print in the documentation—state that the warranty is likewise void if you or a third party performs repairs. But these are utter nonsense and violate the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty […]

7 Minute Video – Does The U.S. Military Have The Capability Of Creating Massive Tsunamis? This Is Food For Thought.

  Created Tsunamis?   This may be far fetched, but it’s not beyond what the evil men that run America would do.  We are a warfare economy with a world hegemonic desire as we have our military in over 130 countries.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – […]

Links To Quotes By Great Libertarian Economists

  Pictured – Murray Rothbard Don’t be kept in the dark by the sleazy corporate media shills and their handlers who continually push leftist (never works right except for the elitists) Keynesian economics.  This is good sense, and good stuff! Ludwig von Mises Paul Craig Roberts Murray N. Rothbard Thomas Sowell H. L. Mencken Frederick […]