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What’s Going On With Silver?

Silver is the common man’s money.  Silver is typically worth, on an historical basis, 1/16th of the value of gold.  Right now, it’s worth approximately 1/70th of the value of gold.  Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank (A Rockefeller Institution) is holding 800 million ounces of silver.  At today’s price, that amounts to about $12 billion.  […]

2 Short Videos & An Article On The Persecution Of Truth Teller Tommy Robinson. He’s In Jail For Telling The Truth & The Media Has Been Ordered To Black Out The Story.

  Tommy Robinson In Jail For Telling The Truth!   May I say that my British Heritage is a disgrace to me?  Well, I’ll say it anyway!  Britain is run by the scummiest of thugs starting with the Rothschilds, the Queen, the elitist Parliament and various banking corporatist thugs as well.  Non-citizen Muslim thug gangs get […]