Links To Quotes By Great Libertarian Economists


Murray Rothbard

Pictured – Murray Rothbard

Don’t be kept in the dark by the sleazy corporate media shills and their handlers who continually push leftist (never works right except for the elitists) Keynesian economics.  This is good sense, and good stuff!

Ludwig von Mises

Paul Craig Roberts

Murray N. Rothbard

Thomas Sowell

H. L. Mencken

Frederick Bastiat

There are plenty more where this came from; do your own research, and don’t let the propaganda artists lead you astray!

A quote from this writer:

“Economics is a less than precise science which relies heavily upon human nature regardless of the corrupt machinations of government meddling or preferably non-meddling.  Keynesian economics ignores the individual, and Austrian economics embraces and defers to the individual!”

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