Stupid Christians Do Stupid Things – In Fact, They May Not Be Christian At All?


How about the “rapture”.  That’s where Christians will be taken up to Heaven before all evil is unleashed on the world.  Biblical history would contradict that in that the “chosen” people suffered death and enslavement on more than one occasion, and all but one of Christ’s Apostles were killed gruesomely and mercilessly.  Christianity has been relentlessly persecuted around the world for two thousand years and the rapture has still not come!

How about the old canard; “Judge not lest ye be judged”.  Does that mean that Christians are not supposed to judge?  Not at all!  Go a couple of verses further in the Scripture where that occurs, and you will see that Christ says; “First, remove the beam from your own eye before you remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”  In other words, you may judge your brother when he sins, but don’t you be sinning (especially the same sin) at the time you make that judgement – no hypocritical judgement.  You may judge your brother, but not people in the world because the world doesn’t consciously fall under Biblical/Christian authority.  Nonetheless, you can judge what is evil and call people to repentance.

How about the “turn the other cheek” commandment?  When someone is coming at you with a baseball bat to bash in your head, you may not have another cheek to turn.  This is a figure of speech which the Bible uses frequently.  It amounts to don’t be a snowflake and be offended when people call you names and ridicule you.  It doesn’t mean you have no right to self-defense, or that you have to be a door mat for government.

That brings up the Romans 13 reference to obey the government.  The government is run by evil men who promote evil.  Does that mean that Christians must abort children, persecute their fellow Christians, promote war, tolerate pornography or not speak out for their Constitutional rights etc. etc.?  Not at all, but for the unthinking person, or the evil shill that infiltrates the church, they like that idea.

If you profess to be a Christian, you had best learn about good hermeneutics (method of interpretation), good exegesis (delivery of the Biblical truths), God’s applicable laws and obedience to them, and fellowship with legitimate truth loving intelligent Christians.  Get out of a bad church, and get into a good church and support it with your tithe.  Remember, the church is not “organized religion” as the derisive people would say, but instead, it is the BODY OF CHRIST!!!

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