25 Minute Video – ANC (African National Congress) Thugs Murdering Men Women & Children – Especially White Farmers! Hey Why Not – Communist Thugs & Democrats Are One In The Same When It Comes To Hypocrisy & Tyranny!

Necklacing victim

ANC Thuggery  Back in the anti-Apartheid days, the ANC (Communists thugs) had no problem burning and torturing their fellow blacks who didn’t agree with them.  Now that they have total power in South Africa, they are torturing and murdering white people, and the U.S. corporate media is silent as usual, because the U.S. corporate media is, at the very least, Pro-Communist if not outright Communist.  Wake up people – torture and murder is coming to America in a big way, and will likely end up manifesting itself in the form of civil war – think George Soros, “Liberals”,  Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Socialist Internationale, Communist Party, Democrat Party (the face of Communism in America) etc. etc.

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