Baaaaad News For Property Owners & Renters & Anyone Who Wants To Save Money!!!


The Federal Reserve Wants To Levy Another Tax!!!  Thank you Zero Hedge for publishing this one! Just because it’s about Illinois, don’t think it won’t go national.  If you own property, the “PRIVATE” Federal Reserve Bankster’s cartel wants to charge you 1% on the value of your home or property.  That will increase rents, decrease savings and disposable income, devastate the old on fixed incomes and hurt retailers.  Wake up America, and don’t let these criminal bankster slugs rip you off any more!!!

For the uninitiated, the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.  They’ve never been listed in the phone book under the government section.  G. Edward Griffin researched the Federal Reserve Video or you can buy his book The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Also, understand that the Federal Reserve has indebted America way beyond whatever they could possibly repay to foreigners like the Chinese and Europeans.  They may start a war to collect the debt – if we don’t pay it through our property taxes with which they want to burden us.  A public protection, the Glass Steagall Act, was repealed, and U.S. News said that’s the cause of the 2008 collapse.  Are you ready for the next one?  The property tax mentioned above is a “trial balloon”, and trial balloons must be popped!

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