Bitcoin Spike – Can You Look At This & Say That Bitcoin Is Not Manipulated? When Are The Manipulators Going To Crash Bitcoin? Somebody Took A Fast Profit!

Can you say this is not manipulated – $1,000 radical swings in minutes?  Note that immediately after the spike, there was a small drop.  That was some big speculator (bank more than likely) taking a quick pump and dump Wall Street con job profit.  Immediately after it dropped, it went up a little, and that’s someone selling short pushing down prices only to buy low.  Bitcoin investors appear to be subject to a Bitcon.  America, you’re being played like a fiddle, but the tune has some sour notes, and they may all go bad one day.

Bitcoin spike

Bitcoin Decline

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  1. Suzie Dongs · · Reply

    why not engage in some investigative journalism instead of ooo’ing and ahh-ing over some joke crypto token that is worthless and not even real? Lets see some stories on the Russian poisoning scam/false flag attack in the UK or the chemical false flag attack by Israel in Douma Syria earlier this week with the white helmets… Nothing to see here, cryptos are all going to zero, stay out of this market and you will be safe from losing any money at it…


    1. No argument here, although you’ll find that this BLOG covers a wide variety of things, and there is a category for false flags in the right column. I almost got into Bitcoin at $5, but it didn’t fit my definition of money. Look under the money category as well as the currency and Bitcoin categories for numerous articles.


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