My Emailed Question To People For The American Way.


Below is my question.  People For The American Way (PFAW) just sent me a jubilant email that they had thwarted a law in Texas to require voter I.D.  PFAW is a confab of leftist Hollywoodites and which was founded by television producer Norman Lear who was very successful in undermining morality in America.  A lot of astro turf has signed on, and it has, along with other leftist anti American organizations become very powerful and influential in destroying individual liberty and freedom in favor of the collectivist life style of egalitarianism – we can all be equally poor and enslaved to these elitists.  As is typical with leftist organizations, just like Antifa (Anti Fascists) are really fascists, People For The American Way really aren’t for the “American way”.  You can email them at – see what kind of answer you get – if any.  Please feel free to copy and paste any part of all of my question on your own email.


Why is it that you need an I.D. to buy alcohol and cigarettes, apply for food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, Social Security unemployment benefits, rent a house, to cash a check, to get on an airline, to rent a car, to get a copy of your birth certificate, to open a bank account etc. etc., and none of that is discriminatory, but to ask for an I.D. to enjoy the American franchise to vote as a legal citizen is discriminatory?  Can Vladimir Putin come over to America and vote without an I.D.?  Maybe he’d vote for Trump, and that would be very scary.  Why don’t we just invite all of Mexico to come up at election time, and we can be sure that no Republican or conservative will ever get elected?  Central banker’s dream of world Communism for everyone -yeah!!! 


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!


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