How Does The Double Shuffle Confuse People & Obscure Truth In Order To Conceal From View The Scum That Is Set On Controlling Every Aspect Of Every Individual Activity On The Face Of The Planet – Exposed Concisely!


It is imperative that there be multiple places upon which the blame must be put.

It is imperative that there be a legally established monopoly of power over money.

It is imperative that the monopoly power be used to favor various groups.

Favor banks with unlimited power to create money and credit.

Use the bank’s collective power under the banner of the Federal Reserve’s operation to accommodate all powerful interests.

As long as the following people/groups cooperate, see to it they have sufficient money and credit.

In order of priority, favor banks, philanthropists, international financial institutions, the United Nations, political parties, politicians, large and critical corporate interests, foundations, non-governmental organizations (NGO), underground revolutionaries, elitist higher education, government education, secret societies.

Following all of the above, insure your concealment by infiltrating governments around the world, including America’s government, and pit governments against each other so that there is no assurance of peace.

All these above listed groups and organizations can then become selectively blamed in order to distract from the bankers who are behind the entire scenario of falsehoods and manipulations.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!


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