Order Out Of Chaos? Here’s A Question – See If You Can Answer It? Lengthy & Prophetic 50 Year Old Video Follows.


There’s a reason why things happen the way they do, when they do, and how they do. What is that reason?  Only 3% of all dollars in the world have been printed.  All the rest are digital entries that can be lost in cyberspace, misapplied to the wrong account, or eliminated from the marketplace completely by a single keystroke which would cause a depression the likes of which the world has never seen.  It’s not real money, but people act like it is.  Why?

Out leaders politically, ecclesiastically, corporately, academically and socially all seem to want us to embrace weak and corrupt political leaders, sloth, stealing through socialism, homosexuality, transgenderism, divorce, adultery, fornication, drug use, pornographic entertainment, gross indebtedness at the individual and government levels, political activism in the street that incorporates violence, racial division and so on.  Why?

Our leaders promote more government, less freedom, less privacy, less individual prosperity, higher taxes, more centralized government etc.  Why?

Jews don’t pay attention to the Torah (their law book and history of their origin), Christians don’t pay attention to the Biblical laws of the Old and New Testaments which they profess as the source of their history and law book.  Why?

Now put this all in the following perspective, and then try to come up with a conclusion. All of the above listed problems (and many more) are 100% contrary to the principles and teaching of the Bible.  Now, do you think that all of this is by chance or design?  That is the question you need to answer.

Know this that the Bible clearly teaches the following:

1.)   We must employ “honest weights and measures” which our currency is not.  The Bible shows gold and silver as money.  He who controls the money controls the government, business and people.  Gold and silver cannot be printed, but paper can, and you can add zeroes to the first number on the paper currency ad infinitum, but it won’t become any more valuable.

2.)   We must be faithful in marriage.

3.)   We must be pure in our sexual behavior.

4.)   We must be industrious and honest in our dealings and our speech.

5.)   We must not use mind altering drugs.  (Sorcery is the Greek word pharmacia – root of the word pharmacy or pharmaceuticals and is condemned in the Bible.

6.)   We are not to look upon worthless things.

7.)   We must obey God, or live in slavery.  We are told not to add to or subtract from God’s word in Scripture.

8.)   We must employ wisdom and Godly criteria in the choosing of our leaders.

9.)   We must not rely upon stealing (socialism) to survive.  The church is our help if we get into financial difficulties – not the government. (see the book of Acts in the New Testament)  Christ even says; “You will have the poor with you always.”.

10.) The borrower is slave to the lender, and therefore we must, as best we can, remain out of debt.  Our only debt we should have is to Jesus Christ for the sacrifice of His blood on the cross to accomplish the expiation of our sins.  He is the way, the truth and the life, and there is no other way to God the Father except through Him.  That exclusivity offends Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and all religions, the state, evil men who control the state and money and who want to be looked upon as your saviors – they are the bankers and their stooges.  We’ve seen how corrupt the bankers and corporatists are, so who do you want as your savior – them or Christ?

The following 50 year old video details a lot of history regarding the Illuminati and the conspiratorial forces moving us in a direction of world government and totalitarian controls.  There is some reference to the oft discredited Protocols of Zion.  This writer knows not whether the veracity of that publication, and so no comment in support of, or in opposition to it, will be applied by this writer.  Use your own good judgment and research to evaluate that, but the rest of this has great historic value.

World Government?


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!


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