Heaven – Where Is It, And Who’s There?


Choose Which!

Believer                                                                                   Nonbeliever

God is.                                                                                       God is not.

God is Who He says He is.                                                    Man makes God in his image.

God created all that is was or shall be.                              Everything is by chance and                                                                                                                 happenstance – out of chaos comes                                                                                                     order.

God reveals His thoughts and rules.                                   Man rules by consensus & his own                                                                                                     inconsistent reasoning.

Violation of God’s rules is sin and displeases Him           Violate man’s rules may be o.k. or                                                                                                      wrong – situational ethics.

Sin is inherent in man.                                                           Sin is unknown to man, but crime                                                                                                      is well known to him.

There is punishment for sin; it is death.                             Man, dies because life is unfair                                                                                                          (science must extend life).

Repentance is the solution for sin.                                       Social engineering – solution for                                                                                                          crime – rehabilitate criminals

With repentance comes salvation & pleasing God.          Apologies and/or prison sentences                                                                                                      placate man.

Salvation equals eternal life with God in Heaven            Science will provide immortality.                                                                                                       Heaven is on earth!

From salvation comes a desire to please God.                   Life is to be lived to the fullest                                                                                                            and fully indulged – materially                                                                                                            and for man’s glory.

From salvation comes a spiritual well being.                   Materialism provides a false                                                                                                               temporal spiritual sense of well                                                                                                         being.

Salvation leaves the saved with no fear of death.           Death looms fearfully for                                                                                                                     unbelievers – they know their                                                                                                             guilt.

God’s word is immutable, true and truth.                         Man’s word is true and subject to                                                                                                       change as is convenient.

Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world.                        Jesus Christ’s stated purpose is                                                                                                           foolishness.

Every knee will bow & every tongue confess Christ       Man is ruled by man & science is                                                                                                       his god.

Believers will go to paradise (Heaven) for eternity.       Unbelievers have no clue.

Heaven’s in the presence of God – as He says.                 Man’s heaven is in his imagination                                                                                                    & varies with each man.

A man goes to Heaven because God chooses him.          Man goes to Heaven because he’s                                                                                                      good.

Why would an unbeliever think they are going to Heaven, when they don’t believe in the Creator of Heaven nor want anything to do with Him?  The Creator God expects to be worshiped, and on earth, the church is where He wants to be worshiped and acknowledged.  Unbelievers hate church, and therefore, would hate the Biblical Heaven where it’s church constantly.   Unbelievers create their own heaven in their mind’s eye and the imagination of their own hearts.  They think they will be there because they are good, but what or who determines what good is and who’s good enough?  They have absolutely no definition of, or criteria for going to, Heaven.  Saying it’s true doesn’t necessarily make it so, any more than saying it’s untrue makes it necessarily not so.  The bottom line is that there is an eternal (within God’s predetermined time) war between God and man with Satan guiding the men who do not believe, and God choosing and guiding whom He will to make His believers.  Man gets angry when he finds out he has no control over his own salvation.  He says “it’s not fair!”  When did God ever say He was fair?  Why would He even have to be fair?  He does whatever He pleases, and for His own glory – not man’s.  God has demonstrated through all of history that He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent, and Omniveracious.  Man on the other hand has constantly demonstrated himself to be a liar, thief, murderer, cheat, hypocrite, adulterer, blasphemer, fornicator, oppressor, idolater, pervert, degenerate and so on.  Man pursues socialism and communism whose founders defined it as scientific atheism when all it really is is legalized thievery sanctioned by and enforced by the state which is man’s ultimate god with science being  a close second.

Choose this day whom you will serve!


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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