The Philosophy Of Genetic “Editing”!

Genetic Editing Or Engineering Amounts To Changing The Status Quo Of Humanity!

The word editing implies no less than an unsatisfactory status being improved upon, or even made perfect or ideal. Genetic editing HERE is a philosophically difficult dilemma (conundrum). Firstly, one must identify the source of genetics. There are factions who believe (former) that mankind is a creation of the God of the Bible, and as such, He made us “good”. That means we were made sinful and less than perfect, but “good” for God’s purposes. It means in God’s eyes we were made as good as He wanted us to be, and not to be taking His place. He is viewed as preeminent, omnipotent, and omniscient as a part of what He is.

Then of course, there are those who believe (latter) they are God (technically a small g – god), and they are not. They believe that man has “evolved” into what he is today from some one celled creature that ultimately turned into man. You know, slime plus time = you!

Those are the two dominant and competing world views that prevail today. The former has tried through persuasion and example to live their lives for God’s glory, and to encourage others to do the same. The latter has pursued political, economic, ideological, theological and intellectual supremacy over the former. They have done a very thorough job of gaining the upper hand within the political/legal system.

Ultimately, the latter is telling God, and the former, that they are able to be more prescient, knowledgeable and better than God in their enlightened status. Of course, it must be worth evaluating by what or whom are they “enlightened”? This writer would say Satan is their source of enlightenment. Now, you might say, “That’s unfair!”. Well, let’s examine a little something. To view the laws of America today, we find that all of the major laws and issues are being pursued to the absolute contrary of God’s laws and word. What makes me say that? Now, for you leftists, this may be a little hard to grasp, but try to stick with me.

When is comes to a source of succor and or support, the emphasis by those in the latter group, they look to the state and large secular institutions to relieve any distresses of the people. On the other hand, from the former is an olive branch offered through the church to relieve any distress or to fill any needs. When it comes to education, the former looks to the family to educate and inculcate virtues into the children’s minds and hearts. On the other hand, the latter would be happy to see virtues abolished in favor of the ever shifting “values” they so dearly claim but to which they never hold – shifting sand if you will. The former would like to see fiscal responsibility – government living within its means. The latter wants to spend everything and then more with no concern for tomorrow. The latter view the “value” of life as being subject to various qualifiers including viability and functionality which leads to abortion and euthanasia. The former holds life in high esteem from conception to the natural end of life. The former would like to have objective standards by which people live and operate in an orderly and just society. The latter has allowed for open stealing, cheating, lying, adultery, pornography, recreational drug use, vagrancy, homelessness, chaos, violence by politically correct groups like Antifa and BLM to name two well known ones.

We could go on. The former laments as did David in Psalms; “What can the righteous do when the foundation is destroyed?” The latter gloats and revels over the destruction as they “profess” to build back better. The former wants to restore the Constitutional form of our democratic republic which used to be the rule of law – God’s law from the Bible. The latter wants all new laws to be made as we go and to be made by a majority. Of course, the majority doesn’t have to be of the whole, only a majority of whatever divisions they’ve created. The bottom line is that America is either going to have a civil war, or the former will relinquish their freedoms and the Constitution to the latter. Either way, America will never be the same again.

Between that and genetic editing, we will end up with Karl Marx’s “New Man”!


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