Dirty Words Made Clean!

Pontius Pilate Washed His Hands Before The Crowd But Was Still Guilty!

Dirty words include such as censorship which used to be abhorrent, and now people are crying for it! Divorce when this writer was young was almost unheard of; today it’s commonplace. Cohabitation (living together) was a non-event prior to the late 1960’s, and now probably half the population does it. Abortion was not even discussed among dignified people in the 1960’s, and now it’s tax payer funded and promoted in government (presumed public) schools. Homosexuality was snickered at when this writer grew up; now it’s in your face and considered admirable and worthy of special considerations and protections including renaming it with the benign word “gay”. Pedophilia evoked emotions of disgust and abhorrence, and now is just a so what? There are people publicly advocating for it now! Communism in this writer’s youth was mocked as being inferior to capitalism, and recognized as being brute force and evil, and today it’s become acceptable, and even desirable to the victims of government schooling. Socialism, considered slightly more benign that Communism is in the same boat. Adultery was seriously frowned upon when this writer was young, but today, not only is adultery common and considered a non-event, but we now have people pushing orgies. Polygamy was tied to Mormonism, and even they formally gave it up in order to be accepted as a state (Utah) into the United States. Paganism was recognized from a Biblical background as unacceptable as a form of public activity and belief, and now it is flaunted in the movies and on TV. Stealing used to be for the lowest of society, and now you have all sorts of clever criminals on Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, Congress etc. You can even steal up to $949.99 as a misdemeanor in San Francisco, and likely nobody will even prosecute or pursue you. Mind you that the dollar figure does not apply to your gross efforts, but only for each store from which you steal. If you’re really hustling, You could steal $10,000 a day in goods or more and do it with impunity, or at the very least with minimal consequences. Lying/Bearing false witness used to have criminal sanctions attached to it; not any more. In fact slander, a verbal misrepresentation is ignored completely, and libel, a written misrepresentation, is sluffed off as insignificant. And of course, this can lead to the demise of contractual agreement and private property rights. Blasphemy which is the misuse and/or disrespectful use of the name of the God of the Bible – all the time in movies and in conversation. Maybe, the Bible has something to say about all of this, and maybe it’s worth reading/hearing.

What you see in the list above is the collapsing of civilized society. Once society has collapsed, then it’s everyone for themselves. We’re certainly seeing the fruits of that mindset right now, although it has not come to full fruition. Watch out, because we’re not far away. When society collapses, the rich will be able to afford armed escorts and bullet proof vehicles. They will be able to live in gated complexes with high walls and lots of security. They will have their yachts and private jets, but you will have to walk or ride a bike. If you’re lucky, you might be able to drive an electric vehicle, although not too far from your home before they shut you down remotely. The politicians, already in their pockets, will then be their vassals and do their bidding which among other things will amount to oppressing and persecuting the opponents to the rich which by then will be about 98% of the population, or more. Of course, there will be 2% or 3% which will do their bidding reluctantly in order to live a better life. As it’s been said in an ad run by the World Economic Forum (WEF), …”By 2030, you’ll have nothing, and be happy!


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