Monkeypox – Things You Should Know! Is The LGBTQI+ Community Being Set Up For A Fall?

Monkeypox – 30 Days Of Pain & Misery!

A Dr. friend of this writer knows two ladies personally who got Monkeypox, and they were involved in no risky behavior – sexual or otherwise. It was contracted merely by sitting on a chair utilized by someone who was known to have the disease. Therefore, it is clear that physical contact with another person is not a prerequisite to getting the disease – it can be contracted through touching surfaces. So far, the disease does not seem to be fatal very often, and mostly is nothing more than pain, an inconvenience and maybe some social shunning? It will tie you up for 30 days though. Of course as is the case with Chickenpox, it is possible later in life to contract shingles – could there be some unpleasant malady in the future for those who have had Monkeypox?

Let’s look a little deeper though. It is clear that the disease is highly prevalent in the homosexual community which has mass anonymous sex orgies with the blessing of the U.S. and other government authorities and with no recriminations from the health authorities. In so doing, they have made us all vulnerable. This is what happens when you ignore ACTUAL HISTORY and/or Biblical teaching and admonitions.

Again, let’s go even a little deeper. in our look at this phenomena. The American Psychological and Psychiatric Associations in 1973 “normalized” homosexuality, and thereby began the unraveling of thousands of years of civilized history designed to protect the well-being of the masses. Recently, the United States Government’s department of Health and Human Services acknowledged that the LGBTQI+ community overall was less healthy than those who do not practice their proclivities. Did you see that on the evening news? Not likely!

Of course attached to that information is the fact that about 1/3 of all child molesters are homosexuals, is concerning. Add to that the fact that homosexuals require more medical care – certainly at insurance company’s expense which means you and me – the ones who pay the bill, but they are also more likely to abuse drugs and be involved in criminal activity. Facts you can’t argue with if you can set aside your emotions long enough to investigate before you castigate. Many of them become disabled, and thereby put additional financial strain on society by bleeding Social Security Disability funds as well.

To avoid Monkeypox, the CDC is recommending wearing a “well fitting mask, washing one’s hands thoroughly immediately after touching anything that could be contaminated, and avoiding contact with those known to be carrying the disease. The incubation period is 1 – 2 weeks, and a lot of contacts can be made in that time. As an aside, is it Monkeypox because men are having sex with monkeys? In England recently, there was a highly public demonstration in favor of people being able to have sex with animals – bestiality (the Bible forbids it and society has outlawed it for eons).

Let’s go just a little deeper though, because what’s going on makes little sense. The CDC recently admitted to having millions of vaccines for Monkeypox, but they failed to bottle it. Hmm? Let’s add to that that Anthony Fauci, who’s been around in government health for a long time, was involved in developing the AIDS virus. Originally, it was known as GRID – Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Initially, it was exclusive to the Gay community. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) gave it a more obscure meaning like you could contract it from a toilet seat or something. Ultimately, it has been named HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), so that it affects humans regardless of proclivities or whatever. Of course, it is still predominantly among the homosexual and drug use community (often closely joined). Occasionally an innocent citizen like legislator Paul Gann of California back in the late 80’s will acquire it from a tainted blood transfusion. He died from AIDS though he was innocent of their behavior!

Let’s get back to Anthony Fauci though. He developed AIDS. He then came up with AZT which was referred to as a “cocktail” of many pharmaceuticals. It proved so toxic, that it was killing people off right an left. Of course, the whole problem with HIV is a depleted immune system! Does that sound a bit familiar to you? (If not, search this BLOG for further information on the subject of COVID 19)

Yes, Anthony Fauci is up to his old tricks again, although this time his target is the whole world! As part of the plan, is the indulgence of homosexual behavior a ruse to draw in the morally weak and cause them to be a bane to the existence of society, and therefore make them subject to the blame for the spread of diseases and ultimately restoring capital punishment on a broad scale for homosexuals? We’ll see. Certainly they are generally pretty easy to spot. They tend to congregate in communities like the Castro district of San Francisco for example. They go to gay bars, night clubs and bath houses as their main outlets for social life. They are still substantially a minority, although, their numbers have likely grown from 1 1/2% – 2% in a University of Chicago study back in the late 80’s to more recent studies showing that number may well have tripled since then.

Lastly, you have to ask yourself; “How can people who appear to be heterosexually inclined and holding high offices in the land be so indulgent upon a group of miscreants pursuing such deleterious and dangerous behavior? How can they, in good conscience, codify that behavior into our law system? How indeed?

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