So What’s Really Going On?

Duh Which Way Did They Go -Uhhhh?

ENERGY – Industry leaders in energy are talking about diesel fuel having to be rationed on the east coast this summer.  JP Morgan bank is predicting $6 a gallon gasoline this summer.  NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation is predicting half the country will be suffering black outs this summer.  Meanwhile, “President” Joe Biden has terminated the last 3 Federal oil leases for American companies.  And, of course, he shut down the Keystone Pipeline.  But, it’s O.K., it’s all necessary in order to worship Mother Earth and go fully “Green”!

AVIAN FLU –  Between February and April 7th, at least 37 million chickens were culled (killed for disease not for food) in plants across the U.S.  To put that in perspective, that’s enough to feed every man, woman and child in America for at least one day.  One plant killed 5 million chickens because of a PCR test (proven fraudulent) that detected one case of avian flu.

Fertilizer Shortages – Sanctioning Russia and Belarus which produce 40% of potash for fertilizer has left farmers squeezed for fertilizer and paying at least twice as much today as they did last fall.  Fertilizer manufacturer CF Holdings has advised farmers of delays due to mandated shipping reductions from Union Pacific Railroad. 

Water Crisis – A megadrought in the western U.S., blamed on “Climate Change” which scientist claim could last through 2030 (trust the science “safe and effective”) a date the World Economic Forum has set for their complete takeover of the world.  One key factor is studying how to protect “endangered species” who may be adversely affected by farming and farmers in which regulators turned down a desalination plant to convert salt water to fresh water.

Food Plant Fires – Around 20 food processing plants have been destroyed by fires over the last few months.  Of course, industrial fires do happen, but so many in one critical industry in such a short time?  And of course, “President” Biden has promised us a food shortage.  Hey Biden – let’s protect our food plants – what do you say?

Zero COVID Policy – China’s implementation of this has created a supply chain bottleneck that is stifling the U.S. economy.  Chips, parts, etc. are all in short supply.

War – Ukraine’s war with Russia (this writer predicted in writing when it started that it was all theater) is leaving Europe and America with a shortage of wheat, corn, rye, barley, oats, coal, oil, gas and strategic metals.  In turn there is pressure to dethrone the dollar as the world’s reserve currency – watch prices go through the roof when that happens!

Inflation & Currency Weakness – For quite some time, now, our politicians have been spending money like drunken sailors, and the central bank (Federal Reserve – which is privately owned and nowhere near “federal”) has been easing credit like crazy so everyone’s in debt up to their necks.  They’ve given away trillions in “stimulus” money.  And now, prices are going through the roof – Duh!  Note: the definition of inflation is the increase in the supply of money and credit which results in rising prices.  Inflation is NOT prices going up!

American Savings –  If you know the money you have in your pocket is going to buy less next week than it does today, there’s not a lot of incentive to save.  Not only are savings down 15% in 2021, but half of Americans can’t come up with $400 unless they borrow it.  Hey, we’re not too far away from the time it will cost $400 to fill up your gas tank!  Do you think this will lead to some unrest and maybe protests in the street? 

Don’t forget “Defund the Police”, Critical Race Theory, Transgenderism, LGBTQBFD. election disputes, BLM, Antifa, rioting in the streets, mass shooting false flags, censorship by big tech, gun grabbing politicians, plandemic, churches non-essential and liquor stores essential (see previous posts), and on and on it goes – rule by crisis.

Now, here’s the big question; do you think this is all by chance, or is it by design?


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– Pen

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