Free Speech – Left Vs. Right

What Is Free?

Let’s define what we mean by “free” first. Free is without charge of anything material or spiritual. Free is without constraints or restraints. Is there such a thing as absolutely free? Only one thing can be considered absolutely free, and that is according to the Judeo/Christian Bible; God’s grace is free. Is the air free? No, we pay taxes to keep it clean by government efforts and regulations, and we pay in the cost of products and services by whom the companies involved expend monies (cost of doing business added into the price) which they pass on to the consumer.

Under the American Constitutional form of government, we are recognized to have “freedom of speech”. Is that an unlimited freedom – yes! Is that a freedom without responsibility or liability – no! Speech that is oral and dishonest falls into a number of censured or penalized forms. Perjury is speech that is lying as a witness in a court of law and is punishable with fines and/or prison time. Oral comments made in the presence of others which defames the character of another person whether present or not is known as slander and can be adjudicated in a court of law. Written thoughts (also a part of speech) fall under the category of libel laws if it is in the same vein as the slander example.

The left in America has taken us into a new Orwellian morass where free speech has now been stifled and censored because people have conveyed a thought or opinion with which the left disagrees. This is indeed quite dangerous and devastating – especially when the force of law or great wealth and political influence is behind it. And, even more especially when one’s job or life is on the line which has been the case over the last decade – more and more so. Of course people on the “right” could exercise the same kind of response, but they are not inclined to do so, nor in the position to do so – at least not to the extent that the left is because of their deep and broad infestation into the political cultural and corporate arenas.

The right is trying to fight back, and the leftist media cartel is vehemently resisting coverage, and/or libeling the people doing the fighting back. (I should mentioned that electronic media is just as culpable as print media when it comes to libel). Some examples of fighting back would include alternative web/social media sites to combat the leftist ideology of Fakebook, Google, Twitter etc. along with the establishment leftist corporate media such as ABC, BBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, L.A. Times, MSNBC, NBC, NY Times, Reuters, UPI, WaPo, etc. This of course is a formidable list of competitors for people’s sources of information, and of course a number of other secondary sources of information are coordinated in their positions – such as the CDC, DHS, DOE, EPA, FDA, FEC, NIH, SEC most of Congress, the Judiciary, and the White House.

Truth is a very tough competitor to lies. Even with all of the above listed entities lying through their teeth constantly, and arrayed in a well orchestrated and financed assault, the truth is getting out – slowly and by dribs and drabs, but getting out. The establishment, which is basically the people who hide in the shadows and shun the limelight but who have massive amounts of money and influence, and who buy and own the politicians on both sides of the aisle, are losing some of their grip. They need a major war to distract and unite the average citizen so they will not point an accusatory finger at the criminals stealing them blind.

Within this context, the front line troops such as Antifa, BLM, NOW, Teacher’s Unions, etc. are working the streets as well as their dominions to stifle the free speech of the so called “right” of which many in the left like to denigrate as MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters as I have been accused of being and am not. Trump didn’t get to be a billionaire by being anti-establishment, and he is responsible for a lot of do nothing hot air, appointing a lot of establishmentarian characters to his administration, promoting operation Warp Speed etc. and is likely at the least, controlled opposition, if not false opposition. You lefties out there check those two out, because it has you and most of the righties all confounded. Also, while your at it, check out false alternative paradigms, Hegelian dialectic, Gramcian strategy and the Cloward Piven strategy HERE. Maybe your eyes will be opened, and maybe you will see the benefit of free speech – even if you disagree with the person speaking.


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