Daily Archives: May 6, 2022

Can Anyone From California Shed Light On The Following Report?…

…..it’s been reported that the state of California is considering the authorization of the hiring of illegal immigrants as policemen HERE. If so, that means that criminals can be hired to police honest citizens, and that they may not even speak English which will make for some very difficult and dangerous situations.  It’s been done […]

Free Speech – Left Vs. Right

Let’s define what we mean by “free” first. Free is without charge of anything material or spiritual. Free is without constraints or restraints. Is there such a thing as absolutely free? Only one thing can be considered absolutely free, and that is according to the Judeo/Christian Bible; God’s grace is free. Is the air free? […]

Insurrection – O.K. For The Left, Not For The Right/Conservative/Christian/Constitutionalists!

Here’s violence to defend status quo of killing babies in the womb or more commonly referred to as abortion HERE. See previous post on leftist hypocrisy – no matter how much evidence, they will deny it because they are hypocritical, lying, thieving, murdering, violent mostly unproductive lazy scum who want a free ride on the […]