A Thought On The Matter Of Justice Today In America & 5 Simple Ways To Address It!

Painting Entitled Justice Lifts The Nations

The above painting which hangs in the old courthouse in Lausanne Switzerland shows “Lady Justice” holding a sword ( a reflection of the word of God and of Capital punishment for crimes committed that would warrant the sword) Lady Justice is surrounded by judges who look to her for guidance. Her sword points to an open Bible (the Word of God which is the guidance she offers). At her feet below hers and the judge’s are various people – contractors, builders, architects – working out their disagreements before the judges and Lady Justice and ultimately God.

It is a poignant reminder that society needs some kind of order to function. In America today, justice has become so perverted, that is fast becoming unobtainable. Corporate and social media are suppressing the truth while promoting certain propaganda. We see gangs of looters and thugs in the malls, and roaming the streets burning and pillaging everything in their way. These people, if they ever do get arrested and appear before a judge, are allowed to go free on little or no bail. Voila, they are back on the street in minutes or hours to wreak their havoc on society again. Some are released only to murder and/or injure people. Meanwhile, those who protested this nonsense (along with other nonsense) at the false flag event at the Capitol on January 6th are sitting in prison being beaten, poorly fed, poorly housed and poorly cared for. There’s something wrong with this picture, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that.

How did we get here, and why are we here, and what can or should we do about it now that we are here. Firstly, allow me please to offend all of the atheists, decent citizens and weak or fake Christians. We are here because we have, as a nation, turned from God. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn claims in his writings that this is the reason that Russia went into decline. If there is no standard of behavior required of the populace in general, then there will be chaos and crime – it is inevitable as the nature of man is inherently sinful. Read in the Bible Romans 3:10-18 for a synoptic perspective of that. John Calvin wrote and spoke of the “Total depravity of man” in his treatise entitled TULIP which was an acronym with the “T’ being for total.

The why is a result of a coordinated effort – much of which has been engineered and financed by mega-billionaire George Soros. It is his objective (with the approval of other billionaires like the Rothschilds, Gates, Buffet, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, et. al.) to destroy America by unleashing chaos and destruction. Soros’ Open Society Foundation is, along with all of his other organizations, responsible for financing Antifa (a violent Marxist/Brown Shirt organization), BLM (a Marxist/Brown Shirt racist black organization), and the successful election campaigns of numerous District Attorneys. Examples abound of D.A.’s who have done little to nothing to administer justice regarding felons who hold the politically correct position of overthrowing good order in America. One such person is under a recall election in a major city in America today, and he has wreaked havoc on that city. But why do they want to destroy America and bring chaos? Because, as the saying goes, out of chaos comes order. Whose order is it? It’s the order of the billionaire tyrants who want to control the world and everyone in it. Have you seen the World Economic Forum video advertisement on TV – By 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy HERE. If you don’t own anything, then who will? You guessed it – the billionaire’s boys club – a short and incomplete list of names mentioned above.

Now, the critical factor; how do we extricate ourselves from this debacle? Below is a list which is in a logical order, although apart from #1, there is some flexibility.

1.) Repent of your sins, (that means change your ways), and ask God’s forgiveness.

2.) Do not cooperate with laws that fail to apply equally & uniformly to ALL.

3.) Speak the truth and proclaim the Gospel boldly

4.) Let your leaders know at the local, state and national level that you will not put up with their nonsense any more.

5.) Vote the traitors and scumbags out of office, and run for office yourself.

And so you know, THIS is not the answer!


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