Licensing – Good Or Bad?

An Example Of Licensing

What is licensing? Licensing is a governing body approving the performance and/or practice of an individual or entity within a certain industry to declare themselves capable of providing a service or enjoying a liberty/privilege.

The most common license issued is a driver’s license. In order to get a driver’s license, one must know certain laws and information, and be able to pass a written test as well as a performance test. Once that is complete, an individual is considered competent and capable as well as free to drive a car on public roads. The license is issued by the state in which one resides, but it is recognized by all of the states as being a valid license. The state charges for the license which provides the state with revenues which in turn allows the state to employ people to administer and implement the licensing and all that accompanies it.

Now, here’s a question; have you ever seen a bad driver? Are there numerous accidents (collisions) that take place every day in your state? Are some of those collisions responsible for property damage, injuries, and even fatalities? Of those, how many were licensed drivers who were involved in causing the collision? The vast majority are licensed. So, what good does licensing do? The proponents of licensing would have you believe that without licensing, there would be nothing but chaos on the road. Having the required insurance that the state mandates, puts people at ease that they will be insulated against any mistakes, recklessness, or carelessness. The whole thing is highly questionable, and particularly when you see how many people are caught driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and then they are allowed back on the road after paying a fine (revenue for the state).

Let’s move on from driving. Is your doctor licensed to practice medicine? Have your ever heard of malpractice law suits? Lawyers sure have, they thrive, no they get wealthy, on malpractice law suits. So, having passed a test, received a degree, done an internship or whatever requirements were necessary for a license to practice medicine, the person involved can go out and injure, butcher and kill people and do so with relative impunity until someone brings a complaint to the governing authorities or institutes a law suit. Of course, by then, the damage has been done.

The dumbing down of America has been accomplished with the help of hundreds of thousands of “licensed” teachers. Have you ever encountered or heard of an incompetent (maybe even corrupt) “licensed” general contractor, plumber, electrician, attorney, dentist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, oncologist, stock broker, broadcaster etc. etc.? There was a time in America when “word of mouth” was the way people learned of qualified and excellently performing professionals, and at the same time whom one should avoid. Now we rely upon phony ***** (five star) ratings that can be rigged and faked.

The bottom line is, the state that demands licensing approval for someone to practice their profession cannot guarantee you a satisfactory performance and/or outcome. The state, which is generally run by lazy and incompetent people, may even help to cover up the corruption and/or incompetency of the licensed individual. In any case, the state will slow down the process of enforcement, adjudication and punishment for the transgressor. The state wants to keep their gravy train running full tilt boogie. In this writer’s opinion, when making a decision as to whom you will work with, make the fact that they are licensed a secondary, or even a tertiary criteria in favor of word of mouth references and an in person interview with lots of questions and answers as well as developing a sense of the person’s integrity and ability to communicate with you and develop a good working relationship.


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