Daily Archives: June 15, 2021

China & Russia – Made In America

China and Russian were built in America with American tax dollars to build them up into world powers so we can have a “Balance of Power” with a bogey man to keep us afraid all of the time, and keep the bogey men appearing to be in opposition to each other. Nonsense! SCROLL DOWN Many […]

How The Rich Will Take Over The World!

The Rich Will Take Over All! Some perspective HERE in this video. This writer will try to put it into perspective. Wealth and power generally go hand in hand. The ultimate source of power, apart from God the Creator, is government. He who controls the government ultimately has all power. But, how do you control […]

Have You Had Your Zyklon B Shot?

Big Pharma = Evil = Big Government = Evil = Big Media = Evil = Death! You’re the target – they want you dead (they is the eugenicists and elitists) Like a mouse trap, they have baited American’s with (instead of cheese) beer, concert tickets, donuts etc., along with a restoration of Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. […]